Australian non-alcoholic spirits brand Lyre’s appoints Octopus Distribution Networks as official distributor for its portfolio in Singapore.

Melbourne, Australia-based Lyre’s, a producer of non-alcoholic spirits, has signed up Octopus Distribution Networks to distribute their award-winning non-alcoholic portfolio here in Singapore.

First introduced here last year, Lyre’s looks to expand its footprint in the city state with the appointment of Octopus Distribution Network (also known as Octopus Group), one of the largest distributors of alcoholic beverages in Singapore. Octopus will take charge of Lyre’s current portfolio of 13 alcohol-free spirits, such as Dry London Spirit, American Malt, Italian Orange, and White Cane Spirit.

Lyre’s was recently named the second best-selling non-alcoholic spirits brand by Drinks International, coming in behind Seedlip. Its products was awarded 11 medals at the 2020 San Diego International Wine & Spirits Challenge, and 10 awards at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. At the 2019 SommCon’s Concours d’Spirits competition presented by Somm Journal, its Aperitif Rosso received a double gold whilst pitched against its alcoholic counterparts.

Lyre’s appoints Octopus at a time when the NOLO – “no alcohol, low-alcohol” – movement is starting to take off in Singapore, with consumers becoming more health- and wellness-conscious and turning to alternative beverages that are more in line with such lifestyles. According to Nielson, non-alcoholic alternatives are increasingly gaining traction across Asia, with the no-and-low sector seeing sales rise globally by 506% since 2015.

“We are delighted to be working with Singapore’s premier wine and spirits distributor, Octopus. We can now build on our early success with some of Singapore’s most forward-thinking bars and retailers, and elevate availability and awareness with our new partner,” shared Mark Livings, CEO of Lyre’s. “This is particularly exciting as the no and low category is approaching broad acceptance throughout Asia, courtesy of Singapore’s leadership in the cocktail space.”

“We are thrilled to partner with such an innovative and socially-conscious company. We already see a movement towards health and wellbeing which has been accelerated by COVID, and are proud to see the Singapore market leading the way in Asia. The no and low category allows drinkers to enjoy social benefits without sacrificing their personal health strategy,” said Matthew Ruscoe, Managing Director of Octopus Distribution Network.

“We look forward to adding Lyre’s to our Octopus selection of spirits and mixers, and we are eager to continue growing this exciting brand in Singapore – keep an eye out for alcohol free menus at your favourite bars and restaurants,” Ruscoe added.

Octopus Distribution Networks has seen massive changes to its portfolio in recent time; it signed various Accolade Wines brands late 2019, and Australia’s McGuigan Wines in 2018.

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