With dining out heavily restricted this pandemic season, here are some ideas to celebrate Oktoberfest this year in the safety of your own home.

Oktoberfest celebrations are usually crowded raucous affairs, yet with an ongoing pandemic such gatherings are foolhardy to say the least. This year’s Oktoberfest is most likely going to be a rather muted affair, very much like last year’s. And it’s just not Oktoberfest when you can only celebrate as two or in a group of five, after all.

That shouldn’t quite stop you from getting into the spirit of things, though. How about celebrating Oktoberfest at home with your loved ones instead?

If you’re looking for some ideas, here are some.

Oktoberfest goodies from Brotzeit 

For those who’d like to celebrate with minimal fuss, turn to the experts – German-themed restaurant bar chain Brotzeit has been commemorating the festival for over a decade.

This year they’ve again unveiled an entire spread perfect for an Oktoberfest-themed party. Options include your ubiquitous Weißwurst and Nürnberger Stadtwurst, but surely it’s the Oktoberfestplatte that should form the centrepiece of your home banquet. This is an entire heaping platter of oven-roasted pork knuckle, honey-glazed pork ribs, various sausages, as well as potato salad and sauerkraut that will leave your entire family satiated.

No Oktoberfest is complete without beer, and here Brotzeit has you covered as well. Top up your order with bottles of Erdinger Weißbier or Erdinger Dunkel, or if your household prefers something fruitier, the 5-litre keg of fruit-flavoured Schöfferhofer wheat beer.

You can order these Oktoberfest goodies from Brotzeit here, which are available from now till 24 October 2021.

DIY Oktoberfest at home with Erdinger

Speaking of Erdinger. While strict beer devotees will point out that Erdinger is not one of the appointed breweries for making beer for the official Oktoberfest in Munich, the leading Erding-based beer brand does know how to throw a good beer party here in Singapore.

Like last year, Erdinger is encouraging you to celebrate Oktoberfest in the comfort – and safety – of your own home. To that end they’ve released a cute “DIY Oktoberfest” kit, complete with Erdinger beer glasses, Oktoberfest-themed decorations, customised t-shirts, that comes free with every purchase of a 12-bottle carton of Erdinger Weissbier. Even better? The bundle even comes with a $20 Brotzeit voucher for food delivery so you can offset the price of that heaping Oktoberfestplatte platter!

You can purchase Erdinger Weissbier Oktoberfest bundle on e-commerce platforms Lazada Redmart and Shopee S-Mart while stocks last.

Cook up a storm with Ryan’s Grocery

Ryan's Grocery's Sausages

And if you prefer to cook up a storm at home to commemorate the occasion, you can too. Love your sausages? We like the range from Ryan’s Grocery. The premium butchery and grocer has an ongoing Oktoberfest promotion you may want to check out – the Ryan’s Sausage Platter puts together 12 sausages of varying flavours (Irish pork sausage, Italian beef sausage, Spanish pork chorizo sausage) that’s perfect for a dinner party.

Even better, these top quality links are a cut above the rest and don’t use fillers. For those who are more health-conscious, you’d love to know that all of their sausages are gluten-free, and their pork sausages use free-range hogs. The promotion includes various deli products as well – German Salami and Virginia Honey Glazed Ham, for example.

They have beer, too. There’s a range from Paulaner, such as the Paulaner Munich Hell and Paulaner Hefe Weissebier Dunkel, and even alcohol-free versions. For the gluten-intolerant, the Spanish Estrella Galicia Sin Gluten Lager lets you enjoy beer without triggering acute allergic reactions.

You can check out Ryan Grocery’s Oktoberfest promotions here. The promotion runs from now till end October 2021.

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