Gudsht x Safe Space cocktails are two collaborative bottled creations aimed at raising funds for mental health awareness.

You don’t quite think about drinking cocktails when it comes to mental health, but Gudsht wants to change that. For World Mental Health Day coming up on 10 October 2021, the homegrown bottled cocktail brand has partnered with local mental health services provider Safe Space to create two exclusive limited-edition cocktails to promote mental health awareness.

They are aptly named Dope-amine and SerotoGin – obviously riffed after dopamine and serotonin, the two major neurotransmitters in the brain that controls human emotion and moods – as Gudsht hopes to brighten up our moods with these fun libations. Dope-Amine is a punchy gin-based tipple that’s fruity and sweet, with flavours similar to the classic beach favourite cocktail, Blue Lagoon. Then there’s SerotoGin. This also has gin for its spirit base, but tastes more tropical in nature with big pineapple and sweet vanilla notes with hints of floral osmanthus.

In addition to these two exclusive cocktails, Gudsht is also offering a special edition of their ever-popular – and colourful – Unicorn Barf. 10% of the proceeds from the two collaborative Gudsht x Safe Space cocktails will go towards Safe Space’s mission to reduce stigma around mental health services and make them more accessible.

“To mark World Mental Health Day, an international day for mental health awareness and advocacy against social stigma, we came up with these two new cocktails,” shared Turaiya Noor of GudSht. “The pandemic has been challenging in more ways than one for many of us.”

“While it has hit businesses like ours hard, its impact on people’s mental well-being needs to be talked about even more. Younger Singaporeans have been increasingly open about discussing mental health but there are still deeply entrenched stigmas attached to mental illness and mental health,” added Noor.

The limited edition GudSht x Safe Space creations of Dope-amine and SerotoGin are available from 1 to 31 October 2021 on GudSht’s online store at S$12 for the 120ml bottle size and S$28 for the 300ml. They are also available together with Unicorn Barf as a three-bottle bundle at S$39 for three 120ml cocktails, or S$79 for a set of 300ml bottles. You can also find them for sale on Deliveroo, GrabMart and Oddle.

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