The world’s best-selling soju brand, JINRO, has launched JINRO Tonic Water specially formulated to mix with its soju range.

We’re all familiar with the gin and tonic, but how about soju and tonic? Soju maker HiteJINRO is betting that the next big thing after the soju bomb will be a soju highball, which is why they’ve recently introduced JINRO Tonic Water to the Singapore market for the first time.

Like most tonic water, JINRO Tonic Water is a carbonated soft drink that contains some quinine and sugar to balance. Originally launched in South Korea back in 2019, this category saw solid growth for HiteJINRO, mainly because of consumer preference for lower ABV drinks. The branded even expanded its range to include fruit flavoured tonic waters.

But how does the JINRO Tonic Water taste? It’s somewhat on the sweeter side for a tonic water, with hints of fruitiness and a spicy touch of fresh ginger. The quinine itself is quite unobtrusive.

But unlike other tonic waters that’s largely created to be a mixer with gin, JINRO’s is specially formulated for mixing with soju – in particularly JINRO’s Chamisul Fresh soju. Whereas for gin and tonic where it’s normally a 1:4 or 1:3 ratio of gin to tonic, JINRO recommends a 1:1 for soju to tonic. Here’s when it comes into its own, mixed with the recommended JINRO Chamisul. Its lively effervescence brings forth additional aromas from the soju, along with orchard fruit sweetness and lively citrus on the palate that hides the alcohol for a truly refreshing – read: dangerous – drink.

JINRO Watermelon Soju Cocktail

Needless to say, JINRO Tonic Water can also be used to make most cocktails that need tonic water.

While interest in soju and tonic is unlikely to mirror the explosive popularity it sees in South Korea, we think the soju and tonic makes a great alternative to the soju bomb in the many Korean eateries across town.

You can find Chamisul Fresh and JINRO Tonic Water on the Amber Nectar’s e-store, as well as well as its official stores on Shopee and Lazada. Bundles are also available and start from S$16.40, consisting of a 360ml Chamisul Fresh soju and two 250ml cans of Jinro Tonic Water. You can also find these bundles in select bars and restaurants in town – such as – Charim, The Public House, and select Stickies bars – at on-premise prices.

House of Amber Nectar is the sole authorised importer of JINRO products in Singapore.

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