Need to roll out of bed urgently for that virtual team meeting you almost forgot about? The Monkey Shoulder pyjama suit has you covered.

Trust irreverent Monkey Shoulder to take the piss out of the concept of remote work. As the next installation of its Don’t Let The Grind Get You Down campaign, the blended malt whisky brand has dropped a limited-edition set of pyjamas for your own work-from-home shenanigans.

Dubbed the Pyjama Suit, this set of pyjamas is a cheeky hybrid of comfy sleepwear and business smarts that may just allow you to roll out of bed for the last-minute virtual meeting without having to dive through your wardrobe first. While the Pyjama Suit is not going to fool a keen eye – “are those monkeys on that suit you’re wearing?” – they are definitely a shade better than your regular sleep clothes (especially if you don’t wear any).

But the Monkey Shoulder pyjama suit does bring up an interesting talking point. With work-from-home and hybrid working being so prevalent these days, the lines between work and one’s personal life have blurred beyond recognition. When really is a good time to schedule that Monday virtual team meeting? And how does happy hour work when one works from home anyway?

Monkey Shoulder Pyjama Suit WFHamper
Those Zoomtails and the bottle of Monkey Shoulder is going to come in real handy at the next boring virtual call with the boss.

In any case, if the Monkey Shoulder pyjama suit sounds like your thing, they are exclusively available via an online contest that runs from now to 5 December 2021. Simply purchase a bottle of Monkey Shoulder, upload your receipt to the contest page via their microsite, and answer a question to stand a chance to win. Even better the set of pyjamas come as an entire hamper of goodies to help you overcome your remote work doldrums. You’re looking at the all-new Ginger Monkey pack – which includes a 200ml bottle of Monkey Shoulder and four cans of ginger ale – as well as a set of Zoomtails created in collaboration with Sago House along with the limited-edition branded sleep-work wear.

“At Monkey Shoulder, we’re all about bringing some levity to the stresses we all face in the workplace, and the past two years have presented its fair share of speed bumps. We hope the PJ Suit gives your sleepwear some c-suite swagger, and brings a little cheekiness to your daily #WFH routine, all while keeping you looking dapper and Zoom ready. Trust us, you’ll be the first to turn your camera on,” said Samuel Ng, Regional Brand Ambassador for Monkey Shoulder.

Still wondering if you need this? Sleep on it.

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