Raffles Hotel Singapore unveils special Old Fashioned cocktails across four of its venues – Long Bar, Osteria BBR by Alain Ducasse, Raffles Courtyard, and Writers Bar – for Old Fashioned Week this year.

Trust Raffles Hotel Singapore to celebrate any occasion in style. For this year’s Old Fashioned Week it has unveiled seasonal cocktail menus across four of its F&B establishments that put the iconic Old Fashioned up front and centre.

While the classic Old Fashioned is among the simplest of cocktails to make – it really just comprises of whiskey, sugar, and bitters – its variations can be endless. The special limited time Old Fashioned menus at Long Bar, Osteria BBR by Alain Ducasse, Raffles Courtyard, and Writers Bar, celebrate the original Old Fashioned but also offer various fun interpretations on the classic tipple.

Raffles Hotel Old Fashioned Week - Raffles Courtyard
Scotch Old Fashioneds, featuring Monkey Shoulder Whisky, take centrestage at Raffles Courtyard.

While the Singapore Sling is the signature cocktail serve at the Long Bar, the venerable drinking institution is offering a number of different Old Fashioneds during Old Fashioned Week. Aside from the Classic Old Fashioned, there’s Mr. Danker, a coffee-inflected version that offers the flavours of the iconic Singapore breakfast of kaya toast and coffee. Then there’s Smoked Old Fashioned, a smoky, spicy take made with ginger liqueur, jaggery syrup and orange bitters.

Raffles Courtyard is also participating in the festival; the lush al fresco lounge is putting strong tropical vibes in its Old Fashioneds. Here we have the Amara Old Fashioned, which adds a citrus spark with the use of the aperitivo that is Bruto Americano, as well as orange bitters. The Oaxaca Verde – made with Smoky Monkey whisky with the addition of a splash of mezcal will appeal to those who love a hint of smoke in their drinks.

Raffles Hotel Old Fashioned Week - Osteria BBR by Alain Ducasse 2
The two Old Fashioneds at Osteria BBR by Alain Ducasse for Old Fashioned Week come with an Italian twist.

This season, cheat on the usual Negronis at Raffles Hotel’s modern Italian bistro Osteria BBR by Alain Ducasse with Old Fashioneds that see an Italian twist. The Latte Fashioned is a creamy, new-fangled take on the classic that uses a special spirit blend that’s been fat-washed with various milks, and combined with Ramazotti Amaro and chocolate bitters for flavours that will remind you of tiramisu. Alternatively there’s Billiard Old Fashioned – named in honour of the Bar & Billiard Room’s heritage – is a Rum Old Fashioned made even punchier with a splash of Tagliatella Nardini grappa-based amaro, as well as some Angostura bitters.

Then there’s Writers Bar, with possibly the most serious Old Fashioned menu for Old Fashioned Week of all. The cosy hotel bar has come up with four different iterations of the classic; there’s Straits Up, an Old Fashioned with tropical flavours with banana, tonka bean, and jackfruit, while Pit & Stem pays tribute to the cherry in the Old Fashioned with the use of Woodford Reserve Master Collection Cherry Wood Smoked Barley and cherry grenadine.

Raffles Hotel Old Fashioned Week - Writers Bar
The Straits Up and Pit & Stem are just two of four Old Fashioned twists at Writers Bar during Old Fashioned Week.

On the other hand, Ban Zu is a refreshing long twist with flavours of longan, lemongrass and gula melaka, while Five O’One combines flavours of peach and coffee in an Old Fashioned. But if you’re, well, more of the old fashioned sort you may want to consider Writers Bar’s very serious Classic Old Fashioned where you can pick your choice of whiskey base; options range from Woodford Reserve Wheat and Sazerac Rye to Michter’s Sour Mash and Buffalo Trace Bourbon.

Raffles Hotel Singapore’s Old Fashioned Week specials run from 1 November to 14 November 2021. And if you’re on a serious cocktail hunt this Old Fashioned Week, obtain a stamp for an Old Fashioned at each of these venues to get a complimentary cocktail on your next visit. The complimentary cocktail can be redeemed at any of the four participating bars by submitting the fully stamped card. Redemption is valid until 30 November 2021 and while stocks last.

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