Bowmore makes available the Bowmore Designed by Aston Martin limited-edition range of whiskies at Lotte Duty Free Changi Airport Store.

What features timeless craftsmanship, possess raw yet bridled power, and exudes intoxicating smoke that leaves fans floored? An Aston Martin supercar, that’s what. But we could easily be describing a Bowmore whisky as well. Speaking of which, if you’re a whisky lover who happens to also a fan of luxury cars, you may want to know that the Bowmore Designed by Aston Martin range have debuted in Singapore so you can have the best of both worlds.

The first Designed by Aston Martin Bowmore range is a limited-edition collection that sees Bowmore’s three core travel retail-exclusive whiskies – the Bowmore 10 Years Old, Bowmore 15 Years Old, and Bowmore 18 Years Old – decked in Aston Martin livery. Then there’s the hero of them all – the Black Bowmore DB5 1964, one of the rarest single malt whiskies ever created that’s offered in a strikingly distinctive handcrafted bottle that actually incorporates an actual piston from an Aston Martin DB5 luxury car.

This first Designed by Aston Martin collection is the result of an Aston Martin x Bowmore partnership that began in 2019, a marriage of two British brands both of which have a rich heritage of crafting exceptional products in their class. The Black Bowmore DB5 1964 was the first fruit of that partnership first unveiled in 2020.

Bowmore Designed by Aston Martin collection_10YO, 18YO, 15YO Order

Designed by Aston Martin

The Designed by Aston Martin series is a limited-edition, annual release whisky collection for global travel retail. Here the Aston Martin’s car design experts get to express their creativity in a different way, adding their own touches to the bottle labels and boxes for Bowmore’s existing core travel retail expressions.

The Bowmore 10 Years Old is emblazoned with the image of the Aston Martin LM10 first raced at Le Mans in 1932, while the Bowmore 15 Years Old features the refined Aston Martin Atom. Then there’s the Bowmore 18 Years Old, carrying imagery of the Aston Martin DB Mk III.

“It has been fascinating to study the unique characteristics of each of these whiskies and align them with some incredible cars from our past. Every Aston Martin has its own character and that is something we pay a great deal of attention to in the design process. This has been a new challenge for us and it is one we have enjoyed immensely,” said Cathal Loughnane, Head of Partnership of Aston Martin Lagonda.

The Bowmore 10 Years Old, Bowmore 15 Years Old, and Bowmore 18 Years Old are available at a retail price of S$70, $90, and $136 respectively. From now till early February 2022, travellers can purchase this limited-edition collection at Bowmore’s first pop-up store at Terminal 3 Departure Transit Hall, Singapore Changi Airport, as well as on iShopChangi, Changi Airport’s e-shopping portal. The pop-up store, a partnership with Lotte Travel Retail, will also showcase the Black Bowmore DB5 1964, the Aston Martin collection as well as other exclusive products to travel retail, such as the Limited Edition Design for Lunar New Year and a 25 Years Old Single Cask Limited Edition, available exclusively at Changi Airport.

Black Bowmore DB5 1964 Presentation Case Open

Black Bowmore DB5 1964

Then there’s the Black Bowmore DB5 1964.

Whisky connoisseurs may be familiar with the Black Bowmore, an iconic expression from Islay’s oldest whisky distillery. First distilled on 5 November 1964 and initially released in 1993, the Black Bowmore went down in whisky history as one of the most sought-after single malts ever. Since 1993, only around 6,000 bottles of Black Bowmore have been produced.

1964 itself was a seminal year for Bowmore in its 240-year history. That year saw the arrival of a steam boiler at the distillery, marking its entry into the modern age of distilling. It was that boiler that produced the distillation for Black Bowmore.

1964 was also a significant year for Aston Martin, for that was the year the Aston Martin DB5 made its on-screen debut in the James Bond 1964 film Goldfinger and propelling it into cinematic history (and Aston Martin cars into stratospheric desirability of that era).

The Black Bowmore DB5 1964 draws upon both those legacies.

“These defining moments are fundamental to the history of Bowmore. This collaboration with Aston Martin has allowed us to once again showcase this iconic single malt in the most incredible way,” stated David Turner, Distillery Manager at Bowmore.

Only one bottle of Black Bowmore DB5 1964 has been allocated for sale in Singapore that is made available at Lotte Duty Free Changi Airport Store. A silent auction for this bottle will take place with a reserve price of S$90,000 from 10th Jan 2022 00:00:00am SGT to 30th Jan 2022 11:59:59pm SGT on

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