Meadesmoore pays homage to the grand steakhouses of the early 1900s in the US and UK with its classic techniques, but also adds contemporary twists for a unique dining experience.

Fat Belly Social Steakhouse is now Meadesmoore.

First opened on Boon Tat Street in early 2021, the communal modern steakhouse – best known for offering secondary steak cuts – rebranded this year as Meadesmoore. The name is derived from a portmanteau derived of two Old English words; mead refers to a grassy field, while a moor is open uncultivated land. Both are, of course, areas that cattle graze on.

But a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Helmed by Executive Chef Victor Loy, Meadesmoore continues to offer the focus on uncommon meat cuts that Fat Belly Social Steakhouse first established. Meadesmoore co-owner Stanley Seow says that diners in Singapore today are more open to lesser known cuts of beef and other meats, a trend he has witnessed in recent years with his first restaurant Fat Belly in Serene Centre.

Meadesmoore Interior
The understated decor at contemporary steakhouse Meadesmoore focuses diners on what is important: their hunks… of steak.

The carnivore in me is certainly not complaining. And I love that the restaurant doesn’t shy away from a more nose-to-tail approach as well.

There’s Pig’s Head, for example, which isn’t a common sight on menus probably because of its potential “ick” factor. But Meadesmoore makes it more accessible, slow braising the head meat until tender, then disguising the meat into nuggets, breaded and deep fried. The delectable morsels are served with a preserved lemon mayonnaise to cut through their richness. There’s Spicy Pig’s Ear too, which serves as a fabulous appetiser or bar bite.

If you enjoy bone marrow, the Bone Marrow here comes with an unusual pairing of house smoked Hokkigai clams. This surf and turf combination can be little overwhelming, but the crisp fried garlic gremolata helps to tie the two together nicely while providing a textural contrast.

Meadesmoore Bone Marrow
Little surf clams scattered along the bone marrow provide contrasting texture and a welcome briny note.

The large format steaks are effectively similar from those served during the time of Fat Belly Social Steakhouse.

The 1kg Galician Vintage MS 2/3 Prime Rib comes from free-range fully grass-fed dairy cows that are at least 60 months old. Yes, 60 months. In an industry where the typical age of a cow reared for food is slaughtered at around 24 months, this is an anomaly. You would think such an old cow would be literally tough leather, but au contraire, it was still sufficiently tender, and the age lent complexity to the flavour of the meat.

Then there are its range of exciting secondary cuts, such as the Full Blood Wagyu 7/8 Rib Cap and Flat Iron to the less known Wagyu F1 MS 6/7 Zabuton. The Zabuton, also known as Denver steak, comes from the chuck and each head of cattle yields only 3-4kg of this well-marbled cut which is both soft and flavourful.

Meadesmoore - Galician Vintage MS 2_3 Prime Rib with Sides and Sharing Plates
The aged Galician Vintage MS 2/3 Prime Rib offers an unusual meat texture and a muskier, earthier flavour. 

Accompanying side options include an indulgent Gratinated Mac & Cheese made with four cheeses – bleu, Grana Padano, mozzarella and a seasonal cheese, Maitake Mushroom served in a Sauce Robert – an old-school brown mustard sauce derived from a classic French demi-glace, but unexpectedly garnished with shaved salted egg yolk – and a Spinach Salad with a Caesar salad-style anchovy-based dressing, topped with a drizzle of yuzu oil.

We’re only a little disappointed that one of our favourites from the original Fat Belly Social Steakhouse menu, the grilled octopus served in a Portuguese-style dobrada tripe stew, didn’t quite make the cut. But the meats more than made up for it.

At Meadesmoore, Chef Victor Loy shows us that with secondary cuts, meat is certainly more.


Address 21A Boon Tat St, Singapore 069620 (Google Maps link)
Opening Hours 11.30am to 3.00pm and 5.30pm to 11pm on Mondays to Fridays; 5.30pm to 11pm on Saturdays; closed on Sundays
Facebook meadesmoore
Instagram @meadesmoore




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