Cointreau invites Margarita lovers to celebrate World Margarita Day with their favourite tipple at 12 participating bars and restaurants throughout the month of March.

World Margarita Day, which fall on 22 February every year, commemorates the much beloved cocktail. Comprising of tequila blanco, triple sec, lime juice, and salt, a Margarita is simply perfect for our muggy weather. That’s why we’ve always felt celebrating it for just one day is not enough.

Apparently Cointreau agrees. The iconic orange liqueur brand declared a month-long celebration of the Margaritain Singapore last year; this year it’s doing the same again. We absolutely approve, of course.

Like last year, this year’s World Margarita Day celebrations sees Cointreau partner with various bars and restaurants across town to offer not only the classic Margarita, but also their own unique twists that will be available from now till 20 March 2022.

This year there are 12 participating venues for World Margarita Day 2022:

      1. BRDL Restaurant and Bar
      2. Comida Mexicana
      3. Entrance
      4. Foxtail
      5. La Salsa
      6. Lime House
      7. Margarita’s Dempsey Hill
      8. MEZCLA
      9. Miss Fitz
      10. Offtrack
      11. Papi’s Tacos
      12. Smoke & Mirrors

There’s Margarita’s at Dempsey Hill, for example. Margarita’s, Singapore’s oldest Mexican restaurant, will offer a Lychee Margarita – made with Cointreau, Espolon Blanco, lychee puree, agave nectar, and blended ice – that’s a sweet and fruity twist to the original version.

World Margarita Day 2022 - Margarita's

Or how about a spicy take? The Chica Caliente from Papi’s Tacos uses a habanero-infused agave syrup to add a burn to its Margarita. And so something truly outlandish, Smoke & Mirrors has Wok’s the Smell, an Asian-inspired Margarita twist that uses tequila that’s been fat-washed in Chinese lap cheong preserved sausages.

But if you prefer to celebrate at home, Cointreau has partnered with The Tropicool Company to design a limited-edition Cointreau bottle as a tribute to the iconic Margarita.  This special Tropicool edition will be available for purchase at selected online retailers including Amazon, LazMall, ShopeeMall, and Redmart from now through 31 March.

So whether at your favourite participating bar or at home, raise a toast to the Margarita with a Margarita this March.

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