Business Sweden encourages us to Try Swedish with its range of Sweden-made tipples, available from its online site or on Lazada.

Chances are, if asked to name something from Sweden, most Singaporeans would mention IKEA. Those inclined towards music may bring up ABBA or Roxette, while motorheads probably will put forward Volvo or Saab.

Few, if any, will name a food or beverage brand.

Well, Business Sweden intends to change that. Business Sweden – a joint organisation between the Swedish government and representatives of Sweden’s business community with an aim of championing Swedish businesses across the world – has introduced Try Swedish, an export program designed to promote Swedish food and beverages globally.

Part of the initiative is its Try Swedish website. The online resource is an insightful directory, listing various Swedish brands officially represented in Singapore, and their products across different categories.

We’re particularly drawn towards their beverage section, of course, which helpfully reminds us that Absolut Vodka is not Russian Swedish. More interestingly, among the selection are a number of artisanal alcoholic beverage producers we believe are worthy of mention.

There’s Spirit of Hven, Sweden’s first family-owned pot still distillery that is based on the island of Sankt Ibb. They make a variety of spirits, ranging from gin and vodka to a range of whiskies. Their Hvenus Rye Whisky, for example, draws its inspiration from American-style rye whiskey which its mash bill of mostly rye, wheat, corn, and a touch of other grains, as well as being aged in American white oak casks for a minimum of six years.

Also listed on Try Sweden is Hernö Gin. Based in Härnösand in northern Sweden, Hernö was founded back in 2011 and is Sweden’s first craft gin distillery. Among their gins available here is the award-winning Hernö Dry Gin, a London Dry Gin that employs more unusual botanicals such as meadowsweet and lingonberry that’s native to that part of the world.

Another gin producer of interest is Skånska Spritfabriken, based in Södra Sandby in the south of Sweden. Among their range is Gin Bubbles, which isn’t really a sparkling beverage but so named because it employs Chardonnay grapes – one of the key grape varietals in Champagne and many other sparkling wines – in its making.

For beer lovers, there’s The Uncharted Brewing Company. This innovative Swedish craft brewery located in Eslöv in southern Sweden makes some rather off-centre brews, including the Thirsty Hippo Coriander Amber Ale. This is a mashup of sorts; an amber ale brewed like a Belgian witbier using coriander seeds, orange peels, and Belgian yeast that’s good on its own but also pairs well with food.

There’s more on Try Swedish, of course.

“Singapore’s drinkers are truly discerning and very welcoming of exploring new and exciting alcoholic spirits,” shares Emil Akander, Trade Commissioner to Singapore and Market Area Director for Southeast Asia, Business Sweden. “We look forward to introducing this handpicked selection of Sweden’s premium spirits and beer, most of which have been manufactured by family-owned distilleries and microbreweries and proudly contain Swedish ingredients and are largely free of additives,” adds Akander.

We can certainly say Skål to that.

For more information on various Swedish brands represented by Try Swedish, visit You can purchase most of these products from the Try Swedish section on Lazada.

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