Singapore’s largest rum festival, Rum Bellion, is back for its second edition. Rum Bellion 2022 will take place on 5 June 2022 at Heart of Darkness Singapore.

After two years of COVID restrictions, Singapore’s largest rum festival Rum Bellion is back! Happening on Sunday 5 June, Rum Bellion 2022 will celebrate rum in all its spirited glory with 30 participating rum brands featuring a lineup of over 60 expressions on show at Heart of Darkness Singapore, and along Keong Saik Road outside the bar restaurant.

This year the highly-anticipated street festival will feature multiple event highlights to revel us in all things rum. Among the many rum brands? Some of our favourites, including Hampden Estate and Appleton Estate from Jamaica, Mount Gay from Barbados, Nicaragua’s Flor de Caña, 6 Saints from Grenada, Tanduay from the Philippines, and that decidedly-odd yet delicious Barbados-Mauritius blend that is Equaino.

Aside from the many rums available for visitors to try, you can expect some of the finest rum-based cocktails from the best bars across town, such as Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2022 awardees Origin Bar and Sago House, as well as Low Tide, Lime House Caribbean, The Kongsee, The Bar at 15 Stamford, and Sugarhall, among others. Guest bartenders from various World 50 Best Bars – such as Dirty Dick (Paris), A/A (Jakarta), Buccaneers Rum & Kitchen (Manila), Teens of Thailand (Bangkok), and JungleBird (Kuala Lumpur) – who will also be at the event.

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Another key highlight of Rum Bellion 2022 is the official Asia release of the limited-edition Plantation Single Cask 2021 Jamaica 1998, while Heart of Darkness Singapore itself will be offering up special edition beers that have been inspired by popular rum cocktails such as the Daiquiri, Pina Colada, and the Mojito.

If you can’t wait for the Rum Bellion 2022, be sure to check out the guest bartending shifts leading up to the main event. Guest shifts happening on the day leading up to the festival include:

    • Friday 3 June 2022 – Scotty Schuder from Dirty Dick (Paris) at The Kongsee
    • Saturday 4 June 2022 – Marek Vojcarcik from A/A (Jakarta) at Origin Bar
    • Saturday 4 June 2022 – Ulysse Jouanneaud from Buccaneers Rum & Kitchen (Manila) at Sugarhall
    • Saturday 4 June 2022 – Joshua Ivanovic and Lolita Goh from JungleBird (Kuala Lumpur) at The Kongsee
    • Saturday 4 June 2022 – Francesco Moretti from House of Sathorn (Bangkok) at Lime House Caribbean
    • Saturday 4 June 2022 – Tamaryn Cooper from Teens of Thailand (Bangkok) at Low Tide

So if you call yourself a fan of rum, you owe it to yourself to be at Rum Bellion 2022.

[Image credits: Rum Bellion]

Rum Bellion 2022 is open to the public (of drinking age), and runs from 1pm to late on Sunday 5 June 2022. Drink dockets are S$12 each, available from Heart of Darkness Singapore on event day.

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