Tourism Australia says come and say g’day, while Tourism New Zealand believes Aotearoa is your option if you seek unique travel experiences.

With borders opening up, travel opportunities abound. Two countries in particular – Australia and New Zealand – have recently unveiled new tourism initiatives to helpfully remind us to keep them on top of the list if we’re looking to travel any time soon.

Come and Say G'day still
Promotional still from the short animated film ‘Come and Say G’day’. [Image credit: Tourism Australia]

Australia – Come and Say G’day

Australia is already one of Singaporeans’ most favourite travel destinations. But Tourism Australia has recently unveiled a cute animated short that just makes you want to fall in love with the country all over again. The short film, G’day, is part of a new global tourism campaign inviting us to “Come and Say G’Day”.

Directed by acclaimed Australian director Michael Gracey and voiced by Australian actor Rose Byrne and Canadian thespian Will Arnett, the short film takes viewers through an incredible adventure around Australia, visiting iconic sites including Sydney Harbour, Melbourne’s laneways, and stunning natural landscapes like Uluṟu and Nitmiluk Gorge. From the perspective of a souvenir kangaroo and a toy unicorn.

Yes, you read that right.

Brent Anderson, Tourism Australia Regional General Manager, South & South East Asia (SSEA), says G’day marks an exciting new chapter in telling the story of Australia to the world.

“I’m really excited to reveal our new campaign to inspire even more regional visitors to explore Australia. We know that travellers from this region are looking to holiday in destinations that feel familiar and welcoming, and offer a chance to explore new cities, landscapes and culture,” shares Anderson.

Will G’day make you want to book your next flight to Australia? Watch and find out.

Cycling through a vineyard in Nelson New Zealand
Take a wine and cycle tour and visit vineyards in Nelson, New Zealand, if you’re seeking that kind of thing. [Image credit: Dean McKenzie | Tourism New Zealand]

New Zealand – If You Seek

Then there’s Australia’s trans-Tasman ally New Zealand. Tourism New Zealand earlier this year unveiled with the opening of borders its first global campaign since 2019 with “If You Seek”. The new global campaign is basically an invitation to international visitors to seek more in life through extraordinary travel, but particularly in exploring the distinct culture, unique wildlife and breathtaking natural landscapes of Aotearoa.

“Aotearoa New Zealand is a place for those who pursue meaningful connections with culture, people and the environment. Those curious manuhiri (visitors) are rewarded with a rich experience of our beautiful country and are met with manaakitanga (a deep expression of hospitality and reciprocal understanding/connection),” shares Tourism New Zealand’s Chief Executive, René de Monchy.

“As well seasoned travellers, Singaporeans are always looking for fresh adventures that inspire, refresh, and transform,” says Gregg Wafelbakker, Tourism New Zealand’s General Manager International. “We believe that New Zealand offers travellers a rewarding holiday with our rich culture and immersive experiences set against alluring backdrops. We welcome Singaporeans to look a little deeper and go a little further in Aotearoa New Zealand to discover more authentic, meaningful connections.”

So what are you seeking when travelling to New Zealand? Cycle through some of New Zealand’s stunning vineyard scapes in Nelson or Hawke’s Bay to visit wineries? Explore Maori culture in Rotorua? Or go kayaking off Paihia to explore its many beautiful islands?

Seek and you will find.

[Main image credit: Tourism Australia]

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