Whisky Live by La Maison du Whisky makes a timely return with its eleventh Singapore edition; Whisky Live Singapore 2022 to take place 20 and 21 November this year.

When it comes to Whisky Live, things are pretty much self-explanatory – just make a trip down. LDMW are taking things up a notch this year with the largest Whisky Hall ever dedicated to malt spirits – think 537 metres squared of floor space – complete with unlimited tastings and access to over 300 expressions.

But do drink responsibly.

While predominantly a whisky show, malternatives are very much a thing these days. So you would be remiss if you don’t check out the other spirits on show. They are often the most underrated highlights of every Whisky Live and this year, we’ve finally reached a point where rum is getting its fair share of the spotlight – all 200 metres squared of it. The rest of the usual suspects like mezcal can be found at the rather dangerously named Spirits Avenue – you’ll see why.

So here are the highlights and the essentials of this two-day event. 

Whisky business as usual

LMDW says that this year’s edition features their biggest whisky lineup ever, with over 30 brands in attendance. The list includes Singapore’s very own Compendium Spirits, who will showcase their Hom Mali Rice Whiskey at the Whisky Hall.

Other highlights include the release of Nikka Whisky’s 2022 Nikka Discovery, which explores aromatic yeasts used in the Miyagikyo and Yoichi Distilleries. Naoki Tomoyoshi from Nikka will host a guided masterclass, teasing expressions “usually reserved for Nikka Whisky’s master distillers.” 

And if you are a fan of Bruichladdich and its distinct identity, then you wouldn’t want to miss Mark Reynier, one of the masterminds behind the distillery’s revival and reinvention. After selling his stake to Rémy Cointreau Reynier has been busy with Waterford Distillery (Irish whiskey) and Renegade Rum Distillery, applying the same dedication to releases that emphasise terroir. So, expect intriguing releases like single-farm origin whiskeys and unaged rum along with organic and biodynamic whiskeys. He will be a masterclass speaker for both days as well.

Reynier’s old colleagues at Bruichladdich will also be releasing something exciting at Whisky Live – the Port Charlotte SC: 01, which features 100% Islay-grown barley. And if that’s your thing, don’t forget to check out Kilchoman 100% Islay 12th Edition, which will make an appearance too. Peatheads, don’t say you weren’t warned; get those wallets ready.

Other highlights include Compass Box’s Flaming Heart 7th Edition and a range of Blanton single barrels bottled exclusively for Singapore.

First rum-centred gallery

Regular visitors will be very familiar with the presence of rum at Whisky Live, and the festival is often an excellent time to catch up with rum royalty at their booths and/or masterclasses. This year’s guests are Richard Seale (Foursquare), Gregory Vernant (Neisson) and Daniele Biondi and Angelo Canessa (La Maison & Velier). The latter will be representing a range of distilleries ranging from Hampden Estate to Providence, as well as a (horribly underrated) category called Clairin.

The Rum Gallery will also see newcomers in the form of Takamaka Rum from Seychelles, Khukri Rum from Nepal, the aforementioned Renegade Cane Rum, as well as Rockpool Rum from Singapore.

Spirits to grab your attention

This year, LMDW has placed Spirits Avenue between Whisky Hall and Rum Gallery. Bad news for people trying to stay focused, because there will be plenty of fetching distractions waiting to waylay unsuspecting visitors. 

Spirits Avenue is divided into three sections. The first is called Rue De La France, which encompasses regions from Saint Sauvant to Chermignac. Don’t forget to check out highly-rated cognac houses like Vallein Tercinier and Tesseron, Christian Drouin’s always-excellent calvados and fruit liqueurs from Merlet.

 Meanwhile, at Agave Central, agave fans can keep a lookout for Codigo 1530 as well as new arrivals like Rey Campero, Madre Mezcal and Mezcal Koch.

Don’t tell too many people, please.

Gin Alley rounds up the experience by featuring Ki No Bi, Bobby’s Gin and Jaisalmer. There will also be a dedicated Highball Table by Pelican Island (Sri Lankan artisanal mixers) where you can try expressions from any booth at Whisky Live with hand-made, sugar-free tonic water, soda water or even cola. Also, expect to see crowd favourites like Kyro Distillery and Elephant Gin. Three Societies, Korea’s first craft distillery, will also feature Jung One, a unique malt-based Korean-style gin that incorporates Korean botanicals with traditional gin ingredients.

Free Whisky Live Singapore 2022 masterclasses

For those interested in knowledge, the masterclasses this year will be free for all ticket holders to attend–just need to show up 10 minutes before the class starts to secure a seat. However, this is the first time that the masterclasses will be held this way, so do expect a crowd and be patient. The lineup includes Matthew Cordiner from Aberfeldy, Mark Reynier of Waterford and Renegade distilleries, Richard Seale espousing the Philosophy behind Foursquare Rums, and Robert Caldwell, pushing the boundaries of Irish Whiskey. 

Boutique goes online

Whisky Live Singapore 2022

La Boutique is now virtual, which is actually more convenient – why carry the bottles around when you can have them delivered? As always, guests can enjoy a 10% discount on purchases. 

Aside from spirits mentioned earlier, there are other new releases to look out for, such as Singapore exclusives from Chichibu, Blanton’s Bourbon and Teeling. Also, check out new market releases from Bruichladdich, Octomore, Port Charlotte, Rampur, Hampden and more. 

Cocktail Terrace

The Cocktail Terrace will be helmed by award-winning bars and bartenders from Singapore, such as Daiquiri Machine personality Angelo Canessa, and will also feature a special guest shift from Baba au Rum (World’s Top Bars #20). The specialist rum bar will be flying in from Athens, Greece, to celebrate the first-ever Rum Gallery with amazing cocktails.

Location: Andaz Singapore
Date: 19 and 20 November 2022
Ticket prices: S$130 (Saturday 19 November), S$150 (Sunday 20 November). 

Whisky Live Singapore 2022 looks to be the biggest spirits yet, finally returning after two pandemic years since the last edition back in 2019. If you intend to head down, do also check out this handy drinking guide from our friends over at Parched Asia.


Thanks to the fine folks from LDMW, Spirited SG readers can enjoy $30 off either Saturday or Sunday Connoisseur’s Passes. Just use the code: 5P1R1T3D56.


For more about Whisky Live Singapore 2022, visit: www.whiskylive.sg.

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