Maison Ikkoku has launched Mori Mori Burger, an all-new burger bar concept offering Japanese-inspired burgers and Cointreau-laced cocktails.

There’s a new burger joint in town! Launched by the Maison Ikkoku Group, Mori Mori Burger takes over what used to be modern Singaporean restaurant Sling on Kandahar Street – offering takes on the classic Singapore Sling – and remakes it into burger-focused little diner.

Not just your usual burgers, but what it calls modern Japanese burgers. With names like Ronin Burger, Ninja Burger, and Samurai Burger, the burgers are obviously inspired by Japanese history and pop culture. So expect plenty of Japanese flavours in their tightly-curated offerings.

For example the Ronin Burger is your classic American cheeseburger, except it features a 160gm wagyu beef patty with miso, onion and shredded cabbage. The Ninja Burger on the other hand comes with a beautifully-seared 160gm lamb patty, with some shredded nori seaweed to give it some Nippon cred. There’s also the Onna-musha Burger – referencing women samurai – that sandwiches a filet of battered hamachi yellowtail along with grilled nori, teriyaki sauce and shredded spring onion.

mori mori burger - onna-musha burger
The Onna-musha burger is a very much elevated version of the fried fish burger from a certain burger chain.

There’s a burger tribute to the Korean influence in Japanese culture as well. The Kunoichi Burger is a delicious mouthful that comes with kimchi along with its wagyu beef patty, as well as shredded seaweed, mayo and cabbage. Bizarrely Mori Mori Burger’s vegetarian option is Samurai Burger. This comes with a lemongrass-infused chickpea patty and avocado along with the expected seaweed, cabbage and mayo combination.

You’d think a samurai warrior would need some proper protein in his diet.

Along with the burgers, Mori Mori Burger offers a range of tacos as well as a selection of flavoured fries, with seasonings such as seaweed, truffle, and curry.

Mori Mori Burger - Kyoho Musha
The Kyoho Musha is a grape slushie spiked with Cointreau.

As for drinks? Mori Mori Burger has collaborated with Cointreau to offer two alcoholic slushies with the orange liqueur as the base. The flavours are Yuzu Musha – refreshingly citrusy with Yamaguchi yuzu – as well as Kyoho Musha made with Kyoho grapes from Shizuoka. Both are sweet, fruity and icy-cold. good for a warm summer’s day or if you have a penchant for sweet icy dessert-like drinks.

The Cointreau collaboration frozen cocktails are available till the end of this year.

Mori Mori Burger by Maison Ikkoku

Address 20 Kandahar Street, Singapore 198885 (Google Maps link)
Opening Hours 6pm to 11pm daily
Tel (65) 6294 0078
Facebook MoriMoriBurger
Instagram @morimoriburger


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