The Astor Grill at The St. Regis Singapore celebrates the classic steakhouse experience with a range of artisanal steak cuts sourced from top producers around the world.

What was previously Brasserie Les Saveurs at The St. Regis Singapore is now The Astor Grill. The original contemporary French eatery, which has been the flagship hotel restaurant since the luxury five-star property opened in 2007, is now gone with the hotel making permanent the pop-up grill concept it ran there earlier in the year.

The look and feel of the venue remains largely the same; the expansive dining room centred by a bar in the middle, floor-to-ceiling windows on one side that allow plenty of sunlight in during the day, but transforming into a romantic and cosy sojourn in the evenings.

But the menu is decidedly different. Unlike the contemporary French culinary flair that was offered by Brasserie Les Saveurs, The Astor Grill instead harkens back to the glory days of the classic American steakhouse of the 90s. There’s the differentiating St. Regis touch, of course. Like the best steakhouses, The Astor Grill sources quality cuts from eminent producers from across the world for their custom-built Parrilla grill, particular those in America, Australia and the United Kingdom.

The Astor Grill Artisanal Raw Cuts

Newly-appointed Chef de Cuisine Angelo Sergio has also expanded on the grill house offerings first unveiled during the pop-up. The Italian native’s mastery of butchery and fondness for rarer cuts – he’s a self-professed aficionado of the grass-fed and dry-aged varieties too, no less – means diners can expect some truly exceptional treatment to their choice of meat.

So while you can expect more standard primary cuts such as a Californian US Prime Black Angus Tenderloin or Australian Prime Angus Ribeye from Victoria, there are more special ones such as the Full Blood Autumn Wagyu Striploin from highly-lauded Robbins Island in Tasmania that positively oozes sublime yet flavourful meaty juices with every bite.

Chef de Cuisine Angelo Sergio

For those who prefer alternative secondary cuts? There’s bavette, skirt or hanger, all sourced from Victoria, offering varying delicious degrees of meat, gristle, and fat in their chew.

Then there are the sharing cuts. You may be tempted to stump up for the very indulgent Australian F1 Crossbreed Wagyu Tomahawk, but the more affordable 45 Days Dry Aged Bone-In Shell Loin offers the robust flavours desired by hardcore beef enthusiasts.

The Astor Grill will tempt you with a plethora of sauces for your dipping pleasure, but Chef Angelo’s treatment of the meat and his rustic Tuscan grill approach means there’s plenty of flavour on the steak without the need for extraneous embellishments.

For those who aren’t into steak as much, there are various non-beef alternatives. The corn- and barley-fed US Grilled Kurobuta Pork Chop was unctuously fabulous. We enjoyed the Grilled Spanish Octopus and Pumpkin Tortellini, as well.

Grilled Spanish Octopus

Those familiar with the St. Regis experience will know its penchant for flair and ceremony; such as the champagne sabrage during the evenings. Their bespoke Martini ritual too – the same one you find at Astor Bar – carries over into The Astor Grill, so diners are presented a petite welcome Martini to start their meals. It’s a welcome touch.

Steakhouses are dime a dozen in Singapore these days, but St. Regis might just carve out its own unique identity with The Astor Grill in that crowded space.

The Astor Grill

Address 29 Tanglin Road, Lobby Level, The St. Regis Singapore, 247911 (Google Maps link)
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Tel (65) 6506 6860
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