Woodford Reserve has partnered upscale cocktail lounge PLUME to create The Birds of Baccarat Old Fashioned, a luxurious and exclusive cocktail available only throughout the month of December. But it doesn’t come cheap.

I’ve stumped up for some expensive Old Fashioned cocktails in my life. There was that one memorable time I insisted, in a drunken stupor, on an Old Fashioned to be made with Yamazaki 18 Year Old at my favourite cocktail bar (to much consternation from the bartender).

Here’s one to top that.

Leading premium Kentucky bourbon whiskey brand Woodford Reserve has hatched arguably the most opulent Old Fashioned in town. Made in collaboration with Pan Pacific Singapore’s avian-inspired cocktail lounge PLUME, The Birds of Baccarat Old Fashioned boasts a hefty price tag of S$1,688++.

The Birds of Baccarat Od Fashioned

Yes, you read that right. S$1,688++ for one cocktail.

What sets The Birds of Baccarat Old Fashioned apart though is the use of the Woodford Reserve Baccarat Edition, a unique expression that has been cask-finished in select XO Cognac barrels. The cocktail is assembled and served table side for some theatre, the bourbon incorporated with saffron and cinnamon to accentuate the bourbon’s warm spice notes, as well as Manuka honey in lieu of the usual sugar and then adorned with gold flakes.

To be fair, a significant portion of the cost is attributed to the exquisite Baccarat everyday glass your Old Fashioned is served in, along with a special Baccarat crystal rabbit zodiac figurine. If you’re in the market for some fancy crystal ware anyway, here’s one way to indulge.

As for me? I adore my Old Fashioned, just not quite enough to part with a sum like that.

The Birds of Baccarat experience at PLUME

The Birds of Baccarat Old Fashioned Experience at PLUME is available throughout the month of December 2023 at the price of S$1,688++. It comes as table-side service of one cocktail, as well as one pair of Baccarat Everyday glasses and one Baccarat crystal figurine to take home.

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