Avian-themed PLUME at Pan Pacific Singapore is a stunning cocktail lounge with signature cocktails to crow home about.

If you’re a cocktail-tippling avian lover, chances are you’ll like this new watering hole. Remember the previously staid lobby bar at Pan Pacific Singapore? No? Well, that space has undergone a phoenix-like transition to reemerge as swanky hotel lounge PLUME, which recently burst onto Singapore’s cocktail bar scene like a strutting peacock.

Thematically, PLUME pays homage to the indigenous birds of Singapore. Every design element has been carefully contrived to create a space that’s both verdant tropical paradise and opulent cocktail bar at the same time. The gilded interior is a hybrid of contemporary Art Deco and African savannah, splashed with lurid shades of maroon and emerald. Bird motifs abound, some hidden as part of the textured walls among the monstera leaf print, while accents of gold run everywhere.

The new Mandai Bird Paradise would be so jealous.

PLUME - Pan Pacific Singapore

Those elaborate flourishes extend to PLUME’s cocktails. Each and every one of the 12 signature cocktails turn up at your table stunningly beautiful, like exotic avian specimens from an alien world.

The Crimson Sunbird is named for Singapore’s national bird, and comes as a golden tipple garnished with dark red leaves to resemble the bird’s plumage. This liberal twist on the French 75 eschews the usual gin for vodka and cognac instead, giving a drink surprisingly fruity and tannic depth. Then there’s the Collared Kingfisher, a spiced Margarita perfectly replicating the turquoise and cream hues of that native bird.

Or the jaw-dropping Oriental Pied Hornbill. This fabulous black and gold creation is a fun take on the Whiskey Sour, with notes of banana to round out the bite of lemon, while a hint of black pepper spices things up.

For something more spirit-forward, try Blue-Winged Leafbird. Most likely loosely based on New Orleans classic Vieux Carré, its rich, velvety notes with set you in the right mood at first sip. Also spunky is Banded Woodpecker, what is effectively a Martini dirtied up with a touch of guava vinegar. What may scare you though, is that it uses gin that’s been infused with ants.

Plume - Group Cocktails + Food

And while we absolutely hate its namesake for waking us up with its incessant annoying caws in the early hours, the Asian Koel as a drink is by far more agreeable. We love this take on a Mezcal Negroni, with its heady and spirited mix of mezcal, tequila, gentian, Fernet Branca, vermouth, and just a hint of green coffee to take the edge off.

There are some modern Asian bar bites at PLUME to peck on – Bird Food, essentially lotus root crisps accompanied by a salmon floss dip, or Bulbuls, which came as some lovely wagyu beef skewers, among others.

But based on the cocktails alone we’d flock back here to PLUME yet, like a homing pigeon. We daresay the award-winning cocktail bars within stone’s throw – Republic over The Ritz-Carlton Millennia Singapore, and MO Bar at Mandarin Oriental Singapore – now have a new contender.

[Images courtesy of Pan Pacific Singapore]


Address 7 Raffles Blvd, Pan Pacific Singapore, Singapore 039595 (Google Maps link)
Opening Hours 5pm to 1am Sundays to Thursdays; 5pm to 2am on Fridays and Saturdays
Tel (65) 9459 7165
Web www.panpacific.com/en/hotels-and-resorts/pp-marina/dining/plume
Facebook panpacificsingapore
Instagram @plume_sg



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