Dynamic sky-high day-to-night destination HighHouse at One Raffles Place combines contemporary pan-Asian dining, innovative cocktails, and an electrifying party atmosphere in a single venue.

There’s a new party spot in town. The largest nightlife destination to open in Singapore since the pandemic, HighHouse takes over the location of another iconic, but now-defunct, nightspot – 1-Altitude.

OK, maybe new-old?


But where 1-Altitude offered multiple different concepts across the uppermost floors of One Raffles Place – contemporary fine-dining Stellar at 1-Altitude and Rooftop Gallery & Bar, among others – all-encompassing HighHouse is a more seamless experience. You’re not going to mistake it for anything but a party venue – the steely-eyed bouncers on the ground floor ushering you to the elevators make sure of that – yet its cavernous over 10,000 square feet space is going to impress you with more than pumping house music and a dance floor.

Designed to be a “transcendent day-to-night nightlife and culinary destination where music, art, flavours, and conversations intersect”, HighHouse is first an enchanting dining venue and cocktail hangout in the evenings. Here Executive Chef Sam Chin has put together an exploratory menu combining both small plates and larger sharing ones offering an innovative mod pan-Asian take on the flavours across the Pacific Coast. It comprises a large swathe of cuisines across Asia, but also draws on the western seaboards of both North and South America.

HighHouse dining

That’s a large culinary playground. Depending on what you order, flavours can be delicate and light – the Hokkaido Scallop Carpaccio or Fijian-Style Seafood Ceviche, for example – or incredibly robust, such as the Hand-Cut Beef Tartare or the Crabmeat Squid Ink Fried Rice. Carnivores are well served here with plenty of options; the Thai-inspired Sakura Pork Belly Massaman Curry was lovely, otherwise the Argentinian Grain-Fed Devesa Beef should hit the spot.

HighHouse runs an expansive drinks programme. Jay Gray, owner of award-winning cocktail bar Sago House, consulted on the the cocktail list here. There’s a range of cocktails on draft – this is going to be a high-volume venue, after all – with options ranging from the sweet and tropical rum-laced Sticky Mango Highball to the spicy and heady tequila-based Ancho Paloma.

Otherwise there’s a range of signature cocktails. Maple & Smoke is your Old Fashioned but with notes of, uh, maple and smoke, while Seaweed & Shiso is a dirty Japanese twist on the Martini with its heavy lashes of nori and shiso.

HighHouse party dance floor

Come nightfall the venue slowly transitions into its dark – and more fun – high-energy alter ego. Its night music programme kicks in, providing pulsating house, trance or techno vibes that can cause your body parts to involuntarily twitch to the beat even as you gaze over Singapore’s stunning city skyline outside. The magnums come out too, your cocktail coupes pushed to one side.

It’s party time.


Address 1 Raffles Place, 62-01, Singapore 048616 (Google Maps link)
Opening Hours 6pm to 11pm (dinner) and 6pm to 3am (after hours) Tuesdays to Saturdays, closed on Sundays and Mondays
Tel (65) 9677 8074
Web highhouse.sg
Facebook highhousesg
Instagram @highhousesg
Reservations book here

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