The forth edition of the IPPUDO Umeshu Festival comes back for its 2024 edition, and is set to feature over 30 types of Japanese umeshu from 17 to 19 January.

Popular Japanese ramen chain IPPUDO is bringing its highly-anticipated IPPUDO Umeshu Festival back this month!

This fourth edition of Singapore’s largest fiesta celebrating the Japanese plum-based liqueur held in partnership with specialist Japanese spirits retailer Umeshuya will run from 17 to 19 January 2024 at IPPUDO Shaw Centre. Showcased at the three-day event will be a diverse selection of some 33 different umeshu expressions sourced from across the length and breadth of Japan, some of which are new in town.

IPPUDO x Umeshuya

For the first time, this edition will also shine the spotlight on aged umeshu, with a number of exclusively new aged umeshu expressions for visitors to try. While umeshu is generally ready for consumption within six months of maturation, some brewers like to age theirs to evolve more mellow, expressive flavours.

An example is the Fukurojyu Fuku Ume by Kawachi Wine from Osaka Prefecture, which pickles ripe ume plums in an in-house brandy and then barrel aged for 20 years. The result is an intensely fruity tipple bursting with rich woody undertones. Otherwise there’s Toyonaga Distilling’s Kozuru Ume, a spiced shochu-based umeshu made with Kuma plums – and cinnamon! – and aged for 10 years.

Umeshu on display

Other umeshu to look out for include the Aotan No Yuzushu from Nara Prefecture’s Yagi Sake Brewer, one that’s fruity with yuzu and plum yet floral at the same time. Alternatively there’s the Chiebijin Koucha Umeshu from Nakano Brewery in Oita Prefecture that’s infused with black tea that balances the usual umeshu sweetness with a touch of tannic bitterness.

For IPPUDO Umeshu Festival 2024, patrons can enjoy three types of umeshu per set (at S$25++ per set) of their choice, while additional glasses are available at S$8 each. Food pairing recommendations are available on site. Do note that seats for the event are by reservation only. To book your spot visit, call 6235 2547, or email

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