Cocktail and billiards bar Tigress at Orchardgateway offers a fun take on Korean-inspired Western grub and cocktails.

We don’t normally think of Orchardgateway when we think of cocktails, but a recent bartending guest shift during World’s 50 Best alerted us to a cocktail bar at that Orchard Road mall.

Or at least what we thought was a cocktail bar. Enter Tigress, an expansive Korean-themed bistro and billiards hall that just happened to offer a fun and inventive cocktail programme as well. A concept by 82 Social House – which also operates Korean-themed gaming hall Kommune in the same labyrinthian mall complex – this hidden (or should it be crouching?) billiards bar Tigress offers a fun escape in the heart of Orchard Road.

Pool tables at Tigress

And it’ll speak particularly to those who are caught up by the Hallyu wave. A cafe by day, Tigress slowly transitions into an edgy Dongdaemun-style nightspot for those who’re looking for a proper tipple while engaging round after round at the three tournament-sized pocket pool tables and a distinctive Korean four-ball pool table.

Its seven signature cocktails are inspired by South Korea’s famous landmarks. While that may sound gimmicky, the cocktails are well thought-through and in fact incorporate many aspects of Korea’s cultural richness, challenges, and even quirks.

Dreams of Unity

Dreams of Unity, for example, harkens to the 38th Parallel separating South Korea from North Korea; this Daiquiri uses sesame and aged rice syrup, two quintessential Korean ingredients. Even the garnish – a rice cracker – alludes to the split.

Then there’s Starry Starry Seoul, a fun Korean twist on the Tom Collins using Korean yogurt soda and citron marmalade, is a tribute to N Seoul Tower perched atop Namsan.


Or how about Kimchitini? This Korean version of the dirty Martini leans on the sweetness of snow pear-infused white vermouth and savouriness of radish pickle.

As for eats, the fusion food at Tigress could fit right into Itaewon, best known as Seoul’s Little America. Most dishes are classic American bistro grub that’s been bastardised – think Bulgogi Ribeye Pizza, Bulgogi Meatball Spaghetti, or the Wagyu-infused Bulgogi Beef Patty Burger. (If you can bulgogi it, you’ll probably find it at Tigress).

Spicy Jjajanghetti

That said some of it really works. Spicy Jjajangghetti is slurp-worthy jjajangmyeon that uses spaghetti instead of the traditional wheat noodles, and totally works. Also scrumptious is the Korean Crispy Chicken Burger, which uses heavily-glazed Korean chicken filet as a patty.

We’re not really billiards enthusiasts, but those Korean-inspired cocktails? We’d come back for those.

Tigress (주당)

Address 277 Orchard Rd, Orchardgateway #03-17, Singapore 238858 (Google Maps link)
Opening Hours 12pm to 10.30pm daily
Tel (65) 9189 6975
Facebook tigress82soho
Instagram @tigress_82soho
Reservations book here

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