Manhattan Bar’s new musical-inspired cocktail menu Broadway Spirited is one brilliant act.

Manhattan recently quietly overhauled its cocktail offerings, even as Conrad Regent Orchard undergoes the final stages of its extensive refurbishment around the award-winning cocktail bar.

Over its nine years Manhattan has created many an inspired cocktail, all centred around themes about New York City. Broadway Spirited, its new themed cocktail menu, draws ideas from some of the Big Apple’s greatest Broadway musicals, and moves away from the two most recent editions that paid tribute to celebrated New York personalities.

The Majestic

Manhattan showcases a whopping 34 cocktails across five categories in Broadway Spirited that encompass the theatre experience. In ‘The Play’ – referring to the script or narrative structure that’s central to any musical – you have the likes of Land of Lola, which combines cascara-infused tequila, fermented strawberry wine and sake that’s topped up with a fruited soda named for a song in the musical Kinky Boots. Or The Majestic, a refreshing and floral twist on the Martinez, its name a hat tip to the Majestic Theatre that’s home to the haunting Phantom of the Opera.

The next chapter is ‘The Orchestra’, surely a critical part of any musical. Hardly the pits, these cocktails hail from the bar’s Friends of Manhattan series of guest shifts and are stirringly intense. Smoky Nero is a Islay whisky twist on the Negroni by Matteo Zed, the bar manager of Rome’s The Court, while SG Club’s owner Shingo Gokan contributes his The SG, a complex yet spirit-forward liberal twist on the Manhattan.

The Manhattan

Then there’s ‘Backstage’, where you’ll find Manhattan’s range of famous rickhouse barrel-aged cocktails. Its namesake Manhattan is a must-order here, as is The Oldest Pal, an aged version of the Old Pal, the rye whiskey version of the classic Boulevardier.

‘The Curtain Call’ is where we’ll find some of the absolute smashers from previous Manhattan menus such as Lady of Song, a French 75 from its 2019 New York Personified menu. And in this day and age of sobriety, Manhattan offers ‘Off Broadway’, a selection of four non-alcoholic tipples so teetotallers can also enjoy the show.

OK maybe we’re biased with a name like that, but Broadway Spirited is a brilliantly assembled cocktail menu that’s a hit with us. And if you’re going to be staying at the newly renovated Conrad Singapore Orchard anytime soon, Manhattan will make the perfect stop for a cocktail intermission.

Manhattan (Conrad Singapore Orchard)

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