America’s Michelin-starred Cote Korean Steakhouse throws the doors open to a multi-concept dining and entertainment space in Singapore at COMO Orchard.

Award-winning New York steakhouse Cote now has an offshoot in Singapore.

And while steakhouses – particularly of the 90’s New York variety – are dime a dozen, what sets Cote apart is that its Korean-born founder Simon Kim fused two great culinary traditions into one when he married his home country’s penchant for barbecue with the fancier trappings of the classic American steakhouse. Kim’s novel gastronomic idea charmed Michelin inspectors enough to land Cote Korean Steakhouse a star every year since its 2017 opening. An outlet in Miami followed in 2021 and, earlier this year, opened its first international foray right here in Singapore.

But Cote Korean Steakhouse at COMO Orchard is much more than just a restaurant. It’s a multi-faceted playground, centred around the dining concept that first made Cote great.

Main dining hall at Cote

You’re first greeted at the door by its massive logo – a stylised rendition of Korea’s national flower, the mugunghwa, better known as the rose of Sharon – glowing a baleful red. Once past you find yourself at Millim Bar. This is Cote’s cocktail bar, a pre- or post-dinner spot where one can lounge around over some rather excellent cocktails.

Then there’s the restaurant proper, of which there are two parts – a boisterous main dining hall, and a more intimate space for omakase. It’s really here that you’re immersed into Kim’s original vision for Cote Korean Steakhouse. And where it differs from your usual Korean barbecue.

Sure you can avail yourself to a plethora of appetisers and side dishes the likes you’ll find at all traditional Korean barbecue joints, such as your kimchi jjigae, doenjang jjigae or gyeranjjim. But there’s nothing stopping you if you prefer to complement your experience instead with familiar New York steakhouse favourites such as shrimp cocktails, chilled seafood platters, or even the ubiquitous wedge salad.

Oh, and caviar!

Meat at COTE

The Butcher’s Feast comes highly recommended for first timers to Cote Korean Steakhouse. This is a relatively affordable curated tasting menu in the style of classic Korean barbecue, with a selection of four different beef cuts – a mix of USDA Prime and Australian wagyu, if you must know – grilled over the traditional charcoal grill. The set comes complete with all manner of banchan and side dishes like the afore-mentioned soybean and kimchi stews.

But carnivores are likely to want to enhance their dining experience with even more premium cuts. Think Miyazaki A5 tenderloin or Kagoshima A5 ribeye, for example. Or stump up for the steak omakase, a pricier but more meat-forward set.

The drinks programme here is unlike any Korean barbecue eatery. Its wine list alone is a staggering encyclopedia of over 700 bottles, curated by Cote partner and Director of Beverage Victoria James – better known as Wine Girl in wine circles – that would be the pride of any high-end steakhouse. You know they are serious about wine when every left bank Bordeaux or Cote de Nuits appellation gets its own page on the menu.

COTE Korean Steakhouse Butcher's Feast

Somaek, you can imagine, is not quite a thing here.

Past its various corridors you may espy any number of snazzy private dining rooms and, if you’re lucky, set your eyes on its expansive cigar lounge or a glitzy karaoke room that comes complete with a stage for those who love a little spotlight when they perform.

As you leave later you’ll realise that Millim Bar attracts party-loving denizens of the dark come later in the evenings, transforming the space in a nightclub of sorts.

Come for the steak, stay for the party. And remember, it’s not Korean barbecue. It’s a Korean steakhouse.

[Photos courtesy of Cote Korean Steakhouse]

Cote Korean Steakhouse

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Tel (1800) 304 7788
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