What happens when you challenge some of the best chefs around the world to come up with a respectable fine dining recipe around one of the most humble ingredients ever – the egg? The House of Krug did exactly that, and 17 chefs answered the call. The result? The book “Poached, Scrambled or Fried?” as part of its Krug x Egg campaign.

Well granted it isn’t the first time Krug put the panache and talent of their Krug Ambassade Chefs from around the world to the test before. Two years back the challenge was to elevate the equally humble tomato, while last year it was all about the undistinguished potato. Just as Krug’s illustrious Grande Cuvée is the most glorious result of the humble vitis vinefera, the grape, the idea here was to transform a simple ingredient into a Michelin-level creation worthy of the gods. And it helps if the dish also happens to pair exceedingly well with some bubbly, of course.

The Krug Ambassade Chefs featured in “Poached, Scrambled or Fried?” include:

  • Christopher Millar (Stellar at 1-Altitude, Singapore)
  • Kirk Westaway (Jaan, Singapore)
  • Ryan Clift (Tippling Club, Singapore)
  • Umberto Bombana (81⁄2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana, Hong Kong)
  • Vivien Durand (Le Prince Noir, France)
  • Hiroyuki Kanda (Kanda, Japan)
  • Arnaud Lallement (L’Assiette Champenoise, France)
  • Bert Meewis (Slagmolen, Belgium)
  • Michael O’Hare (Man Behind The Curtain, UK)
  • Uwe Opocensky (Mandarin Grill & Bar, Hong Kong)
  • Tim Raue (Tim Raue, Germany)
  • Yosuke Suga (Sugalabo, Japan)
  • Nurdin Topham (Nur, Hong Kong)
  • Leonardo Vescera (Il Capriccio, Italy)
  • Torsten Vildgaard (Studio, Denmark)
  • Michael White (Marea, US)
  • James Won (Enfin By James Won, Malaysia)

“Champagne is the perfect accompaniment for egg dishes,” insists Ryan Clift of Singapore’s Tippling Club. “The bubbles in Krug Grande Cuvée along with its light sweet yet dry flavour help cut through the creaminess of the egg. It creates a beautiful cleansing finish.”

Krug lovers can find the book “Poached, Scrambled or Fried?” at all Krug Ambassades and Krug restaurant partners, all of whom will celebrate Krug & Egg throughout 2016 with specific menus and experiences.

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