The House of Krug partners five top-notch chefs in Singapore to put together a premier dining trail that unearths the culinary potential of the humble mushroom with Krug x Mushroom.

Since 2015, Champagne maison Krug has worked with talented chefs globally to explore the possibilities of a single ingredient. In 2015, it was the ordinary potato. Last year it was the egg to receive gourmet treatment as 17 Krug Ambassade chefs from around the world worked to transform a simple ingredient into a Michelin-level creation worthy of the gods.

This year it’s the elevation of the mushroom. In a culinary trail titled “From Forest To Fork”, Krug has worked with five incredible Singapore-based chefs to showcase the edible fungi in various dishes while pairing them with the Krug Grande Cuvée Champagne. From Atlas Bar and Hashida to JAAN, and The Song of India to Tippling Club, each participating restaurant boasts an amazing dish featuring the flexible ingredient.

The restaurants and their signature KRUG x Mushroom dishes are:

Memorie di Sottobosco ~ Life on a bark by Chef Daniele Sperindio (Atlas)

Chanterelles and Porcini Mount Blanc, Blue Foot Mushrooms, Glutinous Rice Bark, King Oyster Mushrooms

Canapes paired with bottle of Krug Grande Cuvee : $340++ (per bottle)

Scottish Langoustine with Mousseron Mushrooms and Champagne Hollandaise by Chef Kirk Westaway (JAAN)

Scottish Langoustine Done 2 Ways, Mousseron Mushrooms, Champagne Hollandaise

6 course menu pairing with 3 Krug Champagnes: $450++ (per person)

Shitake ice-cream by Chef ‘Hatch’ Hashida (Hashida)

Shiitake, Eggplant, Tempura Ebi, Uni

Omakase menu paired with 1 glass of Krug Grande Cuvée: $480++ (per person) 

One Portobello by Chef Manjunath Mural
 (The Song of India)

Chargrilled Tandoori Spiced Portobello Mushrooms, Cardamom Flavoured Roquefort Cheese

Platter for 2 persons paired with a half bottle of Krug Grande Cuvee : $135++

Chicken Oysters with Girolle Mushrooms, Black Truffle and Confit Cocks’ Combs by Chef Ryan Clift (Tippling Club)

Chicken Oysters, Black Truffle, Girolle Mushrooms, Confit Cocks’ Combs, Asparagus

6 course menu pairing with a Glass of Krug Grande Cuvée: $260++ (per person)

Diners can take part in the trail by picking up a KRUG Culinary Passport, and a visit to each participating venue entitles them to a stamp on their passport. Those who complete the full trail are eligible to win prizes – the first 5 Krug-lovers to collect all 5 stamps will receive a Magnum of Krug Grande Cuvée and the first 10 Krug-lovers to collect a minimum of 3 stamps will receive a Bottle of Krug Grande Cuvée Edition 163.

“From Forest to Fork” as part of Krug x Mushroom is open for booking now and will run through until 20 September 2017.

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