Pocket bars are now all the rage and one of the latest to have sprung open is Apothecary, tucked on an upper floor of the Ann Siang Hill shophouse occupied by Oxwell & Co.

British pub and restaurant Oxwell & Co has launched a new small bar concept on the third floor of its shophouse space called Apothecary. An apothecary, of course, is a pharmacy of old, dispensing medical advice and medication to suffering patients. This Apothecary does the same thing, except it provides alcoholic elixirs to those thirsty for inebriating refreshment.

As a concept it’s rather brilliant; one would remember that most liqueurs were created for improving health and longevity, extracted from herbs and plants and alcohol added to lengthen shelf life. Apothecary’s menu is a clever extension of that, and the “potions” and “elixirs” it carries run the gamut from Croak and Wheeze Relief ($24++, below), made with Glenfiddich 12YO single malt whisky infused with honey sage syrup, citrus, orange bitters and finished with cigar smoke, to the Pearly White Polish ($24++), concocted with The Balvenie 12YO single malt whisky, elderflower syrup, grapefruit soda, and house made raspberry toothpaste.

We’re also big fans of the Blood Orange Negroni ($24++, main picture), a take on the classic Italian aperitif made with Hendrick’s Gin, Solerno blood orange liqueur, Mancino Rosso, and Campari.

The themed menu goes on; there’s the Fenicillin ($22++) – you know penicillin, but with fennel? – or the rum-based Sailor Painkiller ($22++). The cocktail menu is expected to refresh every few months.

There’s food too, of course, mostly simple bar bites such as Spiced Nuts ($8++) or Marinated Olives ($8++), and slightly more filling fare like Chicken Wings ($16++), or Salt and Pepper Squid ($14++). But these are for snacking, so if you’re expecting something more substantial Apothecary is not the place.

But it is if you’re looking for “bad medicine”, because “bad medicine” is really all you need.

Address Level 3, 5 Ann Siang Road, Singapore 069688
Opening Hours Tuesdays to Saturdays from 6pm to midnight
Tel (65) 6438 7036
Web www.oxwellandco.com
Facebook oxwellco
Instagram @oxwellco


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