Retro discotheque and bar Pinball Wizard at Sim Lim Square combines old-school pinball machines with throwback music from the 90s for a bizarrely fun time.

Perhaps it’s entirely appropriate that one of the newest discotheque bars to hit Singapore has opened up in, of all places, Sim Lim Square. Sim Lim – as it’s more commonly known – is best known as a hub for IT products, but the aging strata mall seems stuck in the 90s. But that’s not a problem for Pinball Wizard, which just happens to be a bar with a concept that celebrates geekery from exactly that era.

Step through the entrance of the discotheque bar and it’s like entering a time capsule where you’re transported back into the 90s. Opened by the same folks behind NINETEEN80 – which has a similar concept but celebrates a different decade with arcade machines and music of the 80s – Pinball Wizard is a space that combines boozy drinks and timeless entertainment, be it through playing pinball machines or just dancing to the music you grew up with.

“Sim Lim Square is an unsuspecting yet exciting choice for our newest concept. Fuelled by the offbeat charm of Sim Lim Square, we wanted to create a hidden intimate space that is unexpected but stylish with lots of character,” explains Joshua Pillai, managing director of A Phat Cat Collective, which operates both Pinball Wizard and NINETEEN80.

“Pinballs have become a rare find in Singapore, and we are thrilled to introduce a bar and club that puts a spotlight on it,” adds Yafith A. Hamid, A Phat Cat Collective’s operations director.

Drinks here are basic but fun with a range of cocktails that’s are designed to get you – and your female companions – high as quickly as possible. You’re looking at the likes of the Salty White Russian (S$18nett), a salted caramel version of the classic White Russian with a hit of coffee and cacao spiced rum, or the ultra-sweet Banana Julius Flip (S$18 nett) – comprising of vodka, crème de banana, and maple syrup – which we’re convinced is inspired by the fruit drink at Orange Julius. Or how about the Berry Poppins (S$18 nett), a bourbon based tipple that actually comes with “strawberry caviar” that pop when you drink it?

Even more dangerous are the Glitter Shooters (S$80 nett for ten shots), one version of which tastes like peanut butter and jelly and another that’s like a fruit tea – either will make that next game at the pinball machine that much harder.

More discerning drinkers should instead go for the Negroni Spritzer ($S18 nett) – essentially a hybrid of a Negroni and an Americano – or the Foxy Manhattan (S$18 nett). Or simply opt for the Suntory The Premium Malts ($12 nett for half pint, or $15 nett for full) is actually a pretty decent price for that beer.

Pinball Wizard – like its sister outlet NINETEEN80 – transforms into club mode late into the evening, and DJs would put out pumping music from an era that’s long gone but well remembered. Whether you’ve hit your high scores on one of those pinball machines by then likely depends on how much you’ve imbibed. That is, if you’re not the one pinball-ing around.

Pinball Wizard

Address Sim Lim Square #B1-29, 1 Rochor Canal Road (Google Maps link)
Opening Hours 6pm to 1am Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 6pm to 3am Thursdays and Fridays; 6pm to 4am on Saturdays; closed Sundays and Mondays
Tel (65) 8189 1971
Facebook pinballwizardbar
Instagram @pinballwizardbar


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