Brass Lion Distillery offers local cocktail bars a lifeline by helping them bottle cocktails for delivery during Singapore’s coronavirus circuit breaker period.

The government’s recent circuit breaker measures to fight to spread of coronavirus was a massive blow to Singapore’s food and beverage scene; amidst the carnage many local cocktail bars were forced to either totally close, or shut their doors to diners.

While some cocktail bars were able to scramble and offer bottled cocktails for delivery and takeaway as a way to drive revenue to sustain themselves during this period, not all cocktail bars were that lucky in that they had the right equipment and facilities to do so. Thankfully Brass Lion Distillery – Singapore’s first full-fledged distillery and the makers of Brass Lion Gin – has stepped in to offer some of these cocktail bars a lifeline with access to its bottling facilities so that bottle their cocktails.

“As a licensed manufacturing and bottling facility, we are helping local bars with the bottling of their cocktails. Bars can bring in their unopened off the shelf products from their existing stock,” says Jamie Koh, founder of Brass Lion Distillery.

For each participating bar, Brass Lion is only charging a nominal sum which partially covers the cost of the glass bottles, labels and delivery. It will also provide the bars with free labour for blending and bottling of the cocktails, complimentary listing on its online store, as well as photography, design, social media and marketing support.

“100% of profits will be passed on to participating bars,” Koh shares.

To date Brass Lion has on board Smoke & Mirrors, Bee’s Island Drinkery, and IB HQ Singapore, on board. Their bottled cocktails can be purchased on the Brass Lion Distillery’s online store and delivered direct to customers’ doorsteps, with prices ranging from $32 to $45 each (contains at least two servings).


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