Latest coronavirus measures by the Singapore government have forced local cocktail bars to shut their doors to revellers; they turn to offering their cocktails for takeaway and delivery instead. We list them here.

Coronavirus season is bad for everybody, and likewise the month of April is going to be particularly tough for drink-loving cocktail hounds. One of the Singapore Government’s latest measures to combat the spread of the dreaded disease was to declare all F&B establishments closed from 7 April to 5 May 2020 to walk-in diners. This comes just ten days after the authorities had already moved to close a number of entertainment venues – including some of our favourite whisky and cocktail bars – in March. The draconian – but much needed – move means that during this period of time you’re no longer able to rock up to any cocktail bar, have your Negroni and chat with the charming bartender.

Well if you think it’s bad for you, trust us, it’s far worse for your favourite drinking hole; in more ways than one this takes away the raison d’être of a cocktail bar, and worse, puts it in utter financial jeopardy.

To deal with the utter lack of customers during this circuit breaker period many cocktail bars have moved to offering their cocktails for takeaway and delivery instead. If you can’t be arsed to make your own drinks, here’s a look at who’s offering cocktails you can enjoy in the comforts of your own home.

28 HongKong Street.

Pioneering cocktail bar 28 HongKong Street aims to get consumers to recreate its bar experience back home with its socially distanced 28HKS House Party, which comprises a set of its cocktails – such as the 28 Mezcal Negroni and the Manhattan-inspired Remember The Maine – and its infamous bar grub, and even a Spotify play list to jive to.

Format: Takeaway, Delivery
Prices: $21+ per cocktail (100ml), or $88+ per person for food and cocktails (not inclusive of delivery)

28 HongKong Street | 28 Hongkong St, Singapore 059667 (map) | 8318 0328

Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall.

Boat Quay watering hole Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall has prepared some of their signature cocktails – such as their Tak Qiu Milo Old Fashioned, Ju Hua Cha, and Oriental Elixir – in bottled format for takeaway. There’s also a special cocktail available each week – you can check their Instagram page to keep updated.

While you’re there anyway, you may as well kill two birds with one stone and order some food to take away – Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall makes some of the meanest local favourites in town. Their Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee and Oyster Omelette can rival the best versions in your neighbourhood hawker centres.

Format: Takeaway
Prices: From $40 to $88 (300ml, 500ml)

Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall | website | 60 Boat Quay, Singapore 049848 (map) | 6535 0838


We’d be the first to say the experience won’t be quite the same if you’re not sitting in the near-palatial grand lobby space that is ATLAS, but what to do? At least we can now get access to its cocktails. For now you’re looking at the ATLAS Martini, the ATLAS Negroni and the Urban Pioneer in bottled form. We’re just a tad sad that our favourite ATLAS French 75 from its ‘Interbellum’ menu is not available this way.

Not only do they have cocktails for takeaway and delivery, for those who prefer to do things their way ATLAS has put together full home cocktail sets including bartending tools. That is, if you feel inspired enough to inebriate yourself with your own poison.

You can make your orders here.

Format: Delivery
Prices: $18 (100ml), $40 (250ml), $75 (500ml)

ATLAS | website | 600 North Bridge Rd, Parkview Square, Singapore 188778 (map) | 6396 4466

Bee’s Island Drinkery.

Tropical-themed bar Bee’s Island Drinkery has launched an island-wide delivery service for a number of its cocktails. Try the Bee’s Lavender Martini for a strong floral tipple, or the Bee’s Peated Cocktail made with hay-infused rum for an even stronger, smoky hit. They offer fruit juices too, in case you need to top up your order to hit minimum spend for free delivery.

Takeaways from Bee’s Island Drinkery sister outlet The Salted Plum at Suntec City for this period.

Format: Delivery, Takeaway
Prices: $18 (200ml), free delivery with orders $50 and above otherwise $10

The Salted Plum | website | Suntec City 3 Temasek Boulevard #B1-122A (West Wing), Singapore 038983 (map) | 6721 9398

The Elephant Room Singapore.

Indian-themed cocktail bar The Elephant Room Singapore will be offering a limited number of its cocktails – many of which draws inspiration from Singapore’s Little India – for your enjoyment at home. Jothi’s Flower Shop is a gimlet bursting with strong jasmine flavours, while the spirit-forward Tekka is its version of a Rum Old Fashioned. If you prefer making your own cocktails, The Elephant Room Singapore will also deliver its infused gins such as its Pink Guava Gin (which goes into its fabulous Buffalo Road gin and tonic).

There’s food too. Their Tamarind Curry Prawn, which we’ve really enjoyed, is available for delivery or takeout and should travel well.

Format: Takeaway, Delivery
Prices: $70 (500ml) for cocktails, $105 (700ml) for infused gins

The Elephant Room Singapore | website | 20A Teck Lim Rd, Singapore 088391 (map) | 9111 5131

Employees Only Singapore.

Employees Only Singapore – an offshoot of the famed New York cocktail bar – is putting together an array of classic cocktails for takeaway and delivery. You might want to clear some space in your fridge for their bottled Negroni, Old Fashioned, Manhattan, or Martini.

Format: Takeaway, Delivery
Prices: From $80 (350ml) to $350 (5x 350ml)

Employees Only Singapore | website | 112 Amoy St, Singapore 069932 (map) | 6221 7357

Fung Kee Hotdogs.

Casual hot dog and cocktail stand Fung Kee Hotdogs’s offerings have always been practical – it’s bangers and mostly cocktails in disposal cups, after all – but it’s made things even more convenient now; Fung Kee now offers its fabulous Signature Negroni (made with Sweden’s Stockholms Bränneri Dry Gin) into convenience pouches that you simply squeeze into a glass.

Even better? Fung Kee is offering them with those snags as part of a package deal as well. This would have been perfect for live sports, but sadly there’s none on TV right now.

Format: Takeaway, Delivery
Prices: $118 for 6 x 150ml and 6 x Classic Hotdogs

Fung Kee Hotdogs | website | 68 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089527 (map) | 98380436

Jekyll & Hyde.

For this period Tras Street cocktail bar Jekyll & Hyde looks to put together a weekly curated bottled cocktail selection of its signature cocktails for delivery every Friday. Its first run will see its famous Mr. Bean – made with soyabean curd and kaya – and 49th Sangria on offer. Cocktails will be rotated weekly, so check back often to place your order.

Format: Takeaway, Delivery
Prices: From $21+ (180ml) to $60+ (700ml)

Jekyll & Hyde | website | 49 Tras St, Singapore 078988 (map) | 6222 3349

Jigger & Pony.

Having a chat with the bartenders at convivial award-winning cocktail bar Jigger & Pony is part of its charm, but since that’s not possible at this point in time we’ll settle for their cocktails takeaway or delivered. We’re happy to see a number of our favourites available this way, vacuum-sealed in plastic pouches complete with garnish – their Negroni take Madame President even comes with its signature Campari lollipop. Their Sakura Martini is a good bet if you want something floral and spirit-forward.

A plus? Get the cocktails and grub from its sister outlets Live Twice, Caffe Fernet, Humpback and Gibson at the same time as well.

Format: Takeaway, Delivery
Prices: From $30 (serves 2)

Jigger & Pony | website | 165 Tanjong Pagar Road, Amara Hotel, Singapore 088539 (map) | 9621 1074

Junior The Pocket Bar.

Tiny hole-in-the-wall Junior The Pocket Bar is taking this opportunity to introduce ‘Junior at Home’, a selection of bottled cocktails and DIY food kits featuring some of the highlights from its previous menus. For a start it’s revisiting NORMA, its first-ever pop-up concept that focused on agave spirits. You’re looking at the old favourites that were the tequila-based Oaxacan Old Fashioned or the smokily complex Mezcal Negroni.

To complete the Mexican experience, make sure you order the DIY Taco Night kit ($38 for 6-pack, $68 for a 12-pack) which comes with grilled skirt steak, pork belly or shrimp for your wrapping pleasure.

Format: Takeaway, Delivery
Prices: From $88 (700ml)

Junior The Pocket Bar | website | 43 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088464 (map) | 8121 1462

Komyuniti Singapore.

Some may be surprised to learn that YOTEL Singapore’s in-house bar and restaurant KOMYUNITI Singapore actually operates a more than decent cocktail program. For this circuit breaker period it’s offering some of its signature cocktails by its award-winning bartender As’ad Isnin in bottled form so you can drink at home. You’re looking at the likes of the refreshing Kaffir-Calamansi Gimlet, the Barrel Aged Old Fashioned that’s aged in an American oak barrel for 21 days, or the vodka-based Missing Recipe.

KOMYUNITI Singapore is also offering convenient contemporary pan-Asian rice bowls for takeaway and delivery, so you may as well pick out a meal as well when you order some cocktails.

Format: Takeaway, Delivery
Prices: $26.75 (200ml)

Komyuniti Singapore | website | 366 Orchard Rd, Level 10, YOTEL Singapore, Singapore 238904 (map) | 6866 8067


Newly launched gastrobar Laut is inspired by the diversity of culture and produce of Southeast Asia for its cuisine, and likewise its cocktails tap on ingredients that may surprise as much as they delight.

For example its Kumquat not only uses the Asian citrus, but also incorporates Vietnamese sweet potato and Malaysian molasses. Then there’s Dragonfruit, which uses red dragonfruit, longan and sour plum, while Soy combines fermented soy, chrysanthemum, tamarind and spiced mango, flavours that are most familiar to palates in this region.

Format: Takeaway, Delivery
Prices: $68-88 (500ml)

Laut | website | 17 Stanley Street, Singapore 068736 | 8878 8018

The Lounge Bar.

The Lounge Bar, Restaurant JAG’s cosy cocktail bar upstairs has also made available some cocktails for takeaway and delivery. Alas they’re not putting on their tipples that incorporate the same herbs used in the award-winning restaurant’s cuisine, but instead are focusing on classics that travel and keep well, such as your Classic Old Fashioned or Vesper.

Hey, you may as well order some grub from Restaurant JAG while you’re at it. Sure your takeaway fine dining meal won’t be qutie the same without co-owner Anant Tyagi’s exacting and precise service, but $120++ for two for a Michelin-starred meal ain’t quite so bad. If you’re not that baller,  Chef Jeremy Gillon’s bloody amazing Croque Monsieur ($38++) is to die for.

Format: Takeaway, Delivery
Prices: $15++

The Lounge Bar by Restaurant JAG | website | 76 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089535 (map) | 3138 8477


Contemporary cocktail bar restaurant LUMO couldn’t have opened at a worse time, because at any other time people would be flocking to try its innovative modern European cuisine and cocktails themed around the “essentials of life”. Thankfully it’s opened up for takeaway and delivery for both food and cocktails, so you can try cocktails such as Stevie J, a take on the classic Manhattan with notes of baked apple and a savoury finish, or the more spirit-forward concoction Patty Royale, inspired by the Vesper and the Dirty Martini using an Impossible Meats distillate.

Make sure you peruse of LUMO’s food offerings too.

Format: Takeaway, Delivery
Prices: $30+

LUMO | website | 50 South Bridge Road, CMO Building, #01-00, Singapore 058682 (map) | 8921 3818


It pains us to see award-winning hotel cocktail bar Manhattan at Regent Singapore pretty much totally closed for the month-long shutdown season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy their cocktails. For this period Manhattan is offering a selection of its barrel-aged cocktails in bottle format, including its Chocolate Negroni, Solera-aged Negroni, and El Presidente, among others. And its namesake Manhattan, of course.

These bottles will be retailed out of Dolcetto at Level 1 of Regent Singapore.

Format: Takeaway
Prices: $118 (100ml, 350ml)

Manhattan | website | 1 Cuscaden Road, Regent Singapore, Singapore 249715 (map) | 6725 3377

MO Bar.

It’s been barely a couple of months since MO Bar at Mandarin Oriental released their new Nomadic Foragers cocktail menu when COVID-19 hit, forcing them to close their doors to the public. The good news is they’ve now bottled a few of their crowd favourites such as The Elixir and Nomadic Forager, as well as cocktail classics like Vodka Martini and Milano Torino.

The advantage of ordering from Mandarin Oriental? You can also access the takeaway menus from its Cantonese restaurant Cherry Garden, Italian restaurant Dolce Vita and even its buffet restaurant Melt Cafe and have everything delivered together. You can place your orders here.

Format: Takeaway, Delivery
Prices: $18+ (130ml)

MO Bar | website | 5 Raffles Avenue, Marina Square, Singapore 039797 (map) | 6885 3500

native cocktails for takeaway and delivery


Singapore’s award-winning darling local bar Native – with its strong focus on promoting local flavours and pushing for sustainability – has just started bottling some of its cocktails for tippling at home. For easier drinking there’s the more floral Hibiscus and Forager’s Garden, while Pineapple Arrack is that big, bold and sweet liquid repast you want as a digestif.

One of our favourites, the Peranakan, is also available in bottle; while its not the same without its kueh salat agar agar jelly garnish, if you order early enough Native may just send over an actual slice of kueh salat to you, made by none other than Malcolm Lee of Michelin-starred Peranakan restaurant Candlenut.

Other bottled cocktails are in the works.

Format: Takeaway, Delivery
Prices: $68 or $88 (500ml), free delivery

Native | website | 52A Amoy Street, Singapore 069878 (map) | 8869 6520

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80s retro arcade bar and club NINETEEN80 has launched a delivery service of its cocktails called “I-MISS-YOU Alcohol Delivery” so you can enjoy their party favourites in the comforts of your own home.

Party-lovers should not pass on the taste of nostalgia that is the powerful Long Island Ice Tea, or Blue Balls, NINETEEN80’s take on the classic Blue Lagoon. There are glitter shots too; Crouching Tiger for a more tropical touch, or Peanut Butter & Jelly for those with a sweet tooth. For high rollers there are bottle packages too; where you can pick from a selection of spirits – gin, whisky, or vodka – or even wines and beers.

And while it’s nothing quite like partying at NINETEEN80 itself, it does its very best to make you feel – pun fully intended – at home; every order comes with a virtual mixtape so you can jive to an 80s or hiphop playlist, or even catch weekly weekend livestream sessions on Twitch.

Format: Takeaway, Delivery
Prices: From $32 (180ml)

NINETEEN80 | 21 Tanjong Pagar Road, #01-05, Singapore 088444 (map) | 9183 6073

Nutmeg & Clove.

We’re really grateful that Cocktail bar Nutmeg & Clove – which loves pushing local flavours as evidenced in its latest “Flavours & Memories Vol 3. – Tasty Origins of the Five Pillars” menu – has decided to offer a limited selection of its cocktails for delivery and takeaway. Sure you can get the Chrissy Negroni, a version of the classic aperitif made with chrysanthemum-infused gin, but what we really want is the Roses & Lychees, a clarified milk punch tastes like the adult version of bandung.

Format: Delivery
Prices: $68 or $88 (500ml), free delivery

Nutmeg & Clove | website | 10 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069789 (map) | 9389 9301

Looking for food delivery and takeout options during this stay-at-home period? Our friends at Superadrianme has compiled a great list here:

The Old Man Singapore.

The Singapore offshoot of Hong Kong’s award-winning Ernest Hemingway-themed The Old Man like many other local bars have put together some of their cocktails you can enjoy in the comforts of your coronavirus-free home. We’re glad to see that its signatures like A Farewell To Arms #1929 and The Sun Also Rises #1926 feature on their takeaway menu, but you can also find classics like the Classic Old Fashioned and Negroni if you’re less adventurous than Hemingway that way.

What’s remarkable? The bottled cocktails come with garnishes, and even a vacuum-sealed pack of proper bar ice for more authentic bar experience at home.

Format: Takeaway, Delivery
Prices: From $17, not inclusive of delivery fee of $15

The Old Man Singapore | website | 55 Keong Saik Road, #01-04, Singapore 089158 (map) | 6909 5505

Origin Bar.

Aside from a very impressive rum collection, Shangri-La Hotel Singapore’s Origin Bar – the cocktail bar component of Origin Bar & Grill – runs a rather comprehensive cocktail programme that’s inspired by different districts in Singapore.

It has now put together some bottled cocktail options for takeaway; there’s the Chocolate Rum Negroni, a rum twist on the Negroni that uses house chocolate-aged rum, or the Black Brew, a take on the Yard Bird using The Lovers Rum and Mr Black Coffee Amaro. There’s the Cherry & Sherry too, in what could possibly be a Singapore Sling reinvented as a punchy short drink.

Format: Takeaway
Prices: $35-40+ (300ml)

Origin Bar | website | Lobby Level, Tower Wing, Shangri-la Hotel Singapore, 22 Orange Grove Rd, Singapore 258350 (Google Maps link) | 6213 4595

Tippling Club.

Cocktail bar restaurant Tippling Club has put its full list of cocktails from its current menu ‘A Guide To Modern Drinking’ for both takeaway and delivery. Don’t know about you, but we’re big fans of the Peaches Cardinale, a twist on the Negroni that tastes like the dessert it’s named, as well as the Poire Helene, a spirit-forward cocktail perfect as a digestif or a dessert replacement.

If you happen to live within a 3km radius, head bartender Andy Loudon will even personally cycle over to deliver your cocktail order. Select items from its food menu also available.

Format: Takeaway, Delivery
Prices: TBC

Tippling Club | website | 38 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088461 (map) | 6475 2217

Revamp Kitchen & Bar.

Now holding court at Revamp Kitchen & Bar is award-winning bartender Boo Jing Heng, who made his name over at Jigger & Pony and Tess Bar & Kitchen. In a fortuitous twist of fate Jing was already working on his ‘Drink Easy’ bottled cocktail collection even before COVID-19 hit. He currently offers two cocktails; No.1 is a twist on the Americano, while No.2 is similar but with a touch of whisky.

Format: Takeaway, Delivery
Prices: $12 (150ml) or $22 (320ml), free delivery with minimum order of 10 bottles

Revamp Kitchen & Bar | website | 61 Tanjong Pagar Rd, Singapore 088482 (map) | 9050 5303

The Secret Mermaid.

Shenton Way cocktail bar The Secret Mermaid – we love that space for their American spirits – has also put some of its signature cocktails up for you to enjoy at home. Like Jigger & Pony, The Secret Mermaid packs their cocktails in vacuum bags along with their accompanying garnishes.

We’d argue that their smoky and tangy Mezcal Margarita is an essential need in these turbulent times – or after coaching the little one in their home-based learning – but we’d store a ton of those Old Fashioned bags in the fridge too if the spouse allows. If you can’t decide, head bartender Kelly D’Cruz is more than happy to pack you a bespoke cocktail based on your preferences.

Format: Takeaway, Delivery
Prices: $20 per packet (serves 2)

The Secret Mermaid | website | 10 Collyer Quay, B1-09, Ocean Financial Centre, Singapore 049315 (map)

shin gi tai cocktails for takeaway and delivery

Shin Gi Tai (心技体).

Japanese-inspired cocktail bar Shin Gi Tai (心技体) is best known for its owner-bartender Anthony Zhong, one of the veterans of Singapore’s cocktail bar scene. Anthony and his team have made some of their cocktails available for takeaway and delivery this shutdown period, and we’re glad to see many classic cocktails – their forte – on the list.

We’ve always loved Anthony’s Old Fashioned so that’s going to go into our order, but you can’t go wrong with a Sidecar or a Manhattan from these guys either. It’s not going to be the same as sitting at the bar at Shin Gi Tai watching Anthony make cocktails with his signature style, but we make do in these trying days.

Format: Takeaway, Delivery
Prices: $80 (300ml) or $130 (500ml)

Shin Gi Tai (心技体) | website | Telok Ayer St, 179A, Singapore 068627 (map) | 9477 8755

The Single Cask.

Many people may not know that CHIJMES whisky bar The Single Cask, which focuses primarily on whiskies of the single cask variety, actually offers a pretty decent cocktail program. It has partnered up with a recently out-of-work bartender – a direct impact of the coronavirus scourge on the F&B industry – to put together a set of bottled cocktails that can be delivered to your home. They have a sustainability focus too, using many of the byproducts generally discarded by bars.

There’s Bitter Mornings, a take on the Negroni using coffee grounds, while Rising Sun is an Old Fashioned that leverages every part of ginger. Orders can be placed with The Beverage Times.

Format: Delivery (island-wide)
Prices: From $22 (90ml) to $530 for a mega-set (4 x 750ml)

The Single Cask | website | 30 Victoria Street Caldwell House, CHIJMES, #01-25,  Singapore 187996 (map) | 6837 0953

The Other Room.

Speakeasy hotel bar The Other Room in Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza is most noted for aging its own spirits both for drinking in flights but also used in their cocktails. For this circuit breaker period it’s offering a goodly range of bottled cocktails for home delivery, which includes its Old Fashioned takes Of Malt and Man and Old Fashioned Way,  as well as the raspberry-inflected Negroni Del Bosco.

Format: Delivery
Prices: $35-68 (serves 2-5 depending on cocktail)

The Other Room | website | 320 Orchard Road, #01-05 Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, Singapore 238865 (map) | 6100 7778

We’ll be continually be updating this list, so cocktail bars do drop us details in an email at if you’re going to be offering cocktails for takeaway and delivery.



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