Looking for home delivery options that provide both food and drink? Here is our list of recommended establishments to order from for home delivery or takeaway.

As Singapore’s enforced measures on dining out tighten during a season of growing COVID cases in the community, the country’s F&B scene is preparing for the worst. From high-end restaurants to the smallest watering hole, most, if not all have pivoted to providing takeaway and home delivery services to help tide over this challenging period.

But while there are options aplenty when it comes to good food, not many establishments offer excellent noms and also the kind of beverage choices we’re used to when dining and drinking out. Sure you can always avail yourself to the many alcohol delivery services that bring booze to your doorstep, but it may not always be the same when it comes to pairing with food.

Well, for your convenience we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite establishments we think do pretty well on both fronts. So from award-winning high-end restaurants and cocktail bars to gastrobars and even pop-up concepts, here are those we recommend for home delivery and takeaway that meet both your gastronomic and tippling needs:

*We’ll be adding more to the list, but for now please do support these home delivery options.

  • Amò

Serial restauranteur Beppe de Vito’s Amò is best known for its fun and contemporary takes on traditional Italian eats; last year it deftly leapt into Singapore’s circuit breaker period with a food delivery menu offering both prepared dishes as well as a DIY option where you can assemble and make your own pizzas.

So while you can still order its ItaliAmò Pizza Kit to make your own pizza, the lazier among us should just go for the likes of the already prepared Meat Lover’s Pizza, their signature Prosciutto Pizza, or Truffle Pizza that you can wash down with some good Italian wine. Those who prefer pasta can opt for the Spaghetti Chitarra; Amò’s Roasted Potato Gnocchi remains one of our favourite gnocchi dishes ever.

Amò Signature Prosciutto Pizza
Amò’s signature Prosciutto Pizza, a pie topped with stracciatella, prosciutto, and drizzled with fig vincotto.

There’s a bonus for cocktail lovers too – you can bundle your order with a range of bottled cocktails from Amò’s sister concept Mediterranean-inspired cocktail bar Levant. There’s the Negroni-like Amber Constellation, the Manhattan twist that is the Tango Era, the Espresso Martini Insomnia, and more.

website | 33 Hongkong St, Singapore 059672 | 6723 7733 | order here

  • Bar Cicheti

Ultra-popular pasta and wine bar Bar Cicheti – perhaps one of the best non-Italian Italian eateries in town – offers a range of excellent eats via delivery. If you love pasta you’ll be spoilt for choice here, ranging from its clam-studded Vongole linguine to its Paccheri with melt-in-the-mouth ragu that’s been braised for six hours.

And because the Bar Cicheti experience wouldn’t be complete without wine, the eatery has available a Sommakase, where co-owner and in-house sommelier curates three different wines (in 90ml bottles extracted using a Coravin) to go with your meal.

website | 10 Jiak Chuan Rd, Singapore 089264 | 6789 9801 | order here

  • Caffe Fernet

“New Italian” themed riverside bistro Caffe Fernet offers a refreshing gastronomic take on Italian cuisine, jazzing up familiar traditional trattoria fare with rather unexpected ingredients and techniques.

Expect the unexpected. Their starter of Whipped Ricotta & Kumquats is a must-order, the surprising use of candied kumquats working extraordinarily well with the fresh cheese. There’s the Charred Cabbage too – which was originally presented at sister restaurant Humpback – that combines grilled cabbage with quinoa, herbed cheese and chili oil. For mains, there’s its ever-popular Mafaldine Cacio E Pepe, the wavy pasta simply tossed in a generous amount of top quality parmesan and pecorino, along with cracked peppercorns. We love too the Chicken Arrosto, a well-brined bird perfectly roasted on the bone and served simply with a salsa verde and lemon.

caffe fernet mafaldine cacio e pepe
One of the most popular dishes at Caffe Fernet is the Mafaldine Cacio e Pepe, tossed simply in a cheese and pepper-specked sauce.

And befitting for a concept operated by the same people behind award-winning cocktail bar Jigger & Pony, you can bundle some tipples from their bottled cocktail brand PONY Cocktails including the special PONY X Caffe Fernet range. We absolutely love the PONY Martini, but the PONY Negroni or the PONY X Caffe Fernet Sicilian Spritz are probably the best options for the proper Caffe Fernet new Italian experience.

website | 70, #01-05 Collyer Quay, Customs House, Singapore 049323 | 9178 1105 | order here

  • Canchita

Like a number of other F&B establishments, new Peruvian restaurant Canchita opened up at Dempsey in recent weeks only to be hit by dine-in restrictions. Helmed by head chef Tamara Chavez – formerly of ToNO Cevicheria, Latin Quarter, and El Mero Mero – the latest Latin American addition looks to bring Peruvian cuisine to Singapore.

It now does so via a home delivery and takeaway menu. Canchita literally refers to Peruvian snack food of roasted corn nuts, so you can expect pretty authentic Peruvian eats here. There’s Patacones, which is crispy fried plaintain slices that’s served with guacamole, or the Peruvian national dish that is Ceviche Classico, featuring market-fresh seasonal fish cured using the very traditional leche de tigre marinade.

We recommend you place your orders on Tuesday, because Canchita has Taco Tuesdays. You’re looking at Crispy Fish Tacos, the vegetarian Super Veggie Tacos, and The Tacos of Love, which sees corn tortillas topped with a mixture of chorizo, prawns, beans, pico de gallo, and adobo sauce. But if you can’t wait for Tuesdays, there’s Arroz Con Mariscos (think Peruvian twist on paella), and Pollo A La Brasa, or Peruvian-style roasted chicken.

Cocktail lovers will be excited to know that Canchita offers its own unique Peruvian spin on various classics. There’s the highball-style Chilcano, which employs pisco, turmeric, ginger, and citrus, while the Canchita Negroni uses Mezcal instead of gin, as a hat tip to Chef Tamara’s Mexican roots. Also interesting is Gin & Chicha, with chicha being the indigenous South American fermented beverage usually made from corn.

website | Dempsey Rd, 9A, Singapore 247698 | 6232 7895 | order here

  • Ciao Chow

Ciao Chow, opened by the same folks behind Wildfire Burgers and cocktail bar Lil Tiger, is a cloud kitchen and home delivery concept offering a range of classic Italian dishes with a focus on pastas.

Of course you can begin your home delivered meal with the creamed pea soup that is Zuppa di Piselli, or the delicately creamy Stracciatella. But the stars are its pastas. Theirs are more rustic and meat-heavy; the Bucatini No.62, the thick pasta noodles tossed Genovese-style in pesto, is possibly its lightest option.

There’s the Mezze Maniche No.107 that comes with fennel and sausage, or the more robust Mafaldine No.49 that’s drenched in lamb ragu. And if you’re the type to enjoy uncommon meat cuts, Ciao Chow has pasta options that will please. There’s Spaghetti Ruvida No.12 that employs a chicken liver sauce, while the Conchiglie Rigate No.226 uses bone marrow and oxtail ragu. Then there’s the Caserecce No.464 that comes with pig’s head and veal jus.

It almost makes you want to order Ciao Chow’s canned and pouched cocktails – like the Aperol Spritz, White Negroni, and Vesper Martini – to wash it all down. In fact, you should.

website | order here

Cuba Libre Indian pop up kitchen

  • Cuba Libre

Contemporary Latin American kitchen and bar Cuba Libre in Clarke Quay has been the go-to place for Latin beats, drinks, and eats for over 15 years. While most eateries have pared down their menus for delivery during this lockdown period, Cuba Libre instead expanded its islandwide delivery selection to over 74 menu items to choose from.

Those craving contemporary Latin American offerings can go for Ceviche and Plantain Chips or Executive Chef Alex Moreno’s signature Octopus a la Moreno, while Tex-Mex options includes quesadillas and tacos like Pulled Pork Quesadilla and Tiger Prawns Tacos.

But Cuba Libre goes beyond its usual Latin-inspired cuisines too. There are baked rice dishes like Seafood Gratin, or a slew of burger and sandwich options. Bizarrely too, for this period Cuba Libre is featuring a pop-up Indian kitchen, so you can bundle various familiar Indian favourites – Vegetarian Samosa, Lamb Biryani, and Chilli Paneer, for example. There’s even the odd Indian Chinese offering such as Chilli Chicken and Chicken Hakka Noodles (yes, it’s a thing).

And if your alcohol cabinet is dry, top up your order with Cuba Libre’s various beer and wine options.

website | 3B River Valley Road #01-13 Clarke Quay, Singapore 179021 | 8418 0203 | order here

  • Dishoom

Dishoom, like Ciao Chow is similarly a cloud kitchen concept opened by the folks behind Wildfire Burgers and cocktail bar Lil Tiger, but instead offers a range of classic Indian dishes exploding with big bold flavours.

Compared to the sometimes staggering number of options offered by most Indian restaurants, Dishoom’s is far more curated. Where Dishoom shines is the use of top-grade ingredients in its dishes. Among the hearty selection is Mughlai Shahi Korma Lamb using quality Australian lamb, the spicy Hyderabadi Chicken employs French poulet, while its Kerala Beef Curry uses USDA certified Black Angus beef.

Dishoom home delivery
[Photo credit: Superadrianme.com]
Be sure to order some Basmati rice to go with your robust curries, or the even more flavoursome Kashmiri Pilaf which sees the rice cooked in saffron and other spices. Worth ordering to end the meal off is Mango Lassi, except theirs is a semi-freddo dessert and not a drink.Speaking of drinks, there are cocktails. Dishoom offers a number of canned cocktails most of which are classics – options include a Manhattan, Smoky Negroni, Gin Sonic, and Whisky Soda.

website | order here

  • Drunken Farmer

Pop-up natural wine specialists Drunken Farmer barely set down roots on its permanent spot on Stanley Street as a sourdough bistro and natural wine bar for a month before it got hit by the new dine-in restrictions.

So instead they’ve had to switch gears and pivot to operate as a kitchen for home delivery. If you’ve been to their Le Vin Levain pop-up at Tiong Bahru Bakery in Tiong Bahru, you’ll find some of these dishes familiar. There’s the Sourdough “Couvert”  of baked sourdough goods, as well as a delicate Singapore’s Stracciatella made with local goat’s milk. For heartier fare the various options of sourdough pizza, such as the classic Margherita or the more unusual Cacio e Pepe will hit the spot if you enjoy the tart funkiness of sourdough. Then there’s the Drunken Farmer’s Salad, made with fresh seasonal vegetables that taste as healthy as it looks.

Drunken Farmer

But the one must-order on their delivery menu? The Sourdough Karaage, featuring chunks of marinated chicken thigh dredged in sourdough batter and then deep-fried into perfection.

And don’t forget its range of fabulous natural wines as well; the Domaine Les Tètes Tètes Rose vinified from Grolleau and Gamay is funkily fun to drink and goes with the karaage to boot.

website | 11 Stanley St, Singapore 068730 | 8800 3103 | order here

fat belly social steakhouse home delivery

  • Fat Belly Social Steakhouse

Alternative steak cut advocate Fat Belly Social Steakhouse is huge on communal dining, but in these social distancing lockdown days, some of their sharing-type foods don’t quite cut it for delivery. So for home dining, Fat Belly has unveiled a wholly new menu perfect for your eat-in pleasure.

You’re looking at various family-friendly dishes the likes of the USDA Short-rib & Bone Marrow Pie, Lobster Mac & Cheese, or Octopus, Scallop and Ox Tripe Pie – fans of Fat Belly will recognise this as its popular Grilled Octopus dobrada-like stew that’s converted into a mash-covered cottage pie – each of which comes with salad and are good for sharing between two people. If your family is bigger, there are family meals that put together a large format meat option that comes with various sides, appetisers, and dessert.

Then there are also sandwich and rice bowl options that make for decadent solo eating. The luxurious USDA Short Rib & Foie Gras Melt or the slightly more humble Wagyu Steak Sandwich are sandwiches fit for meat-loving kings, while the Angus Flat Iron Rice Bowl or Iberico Pork Secreto Rice Bowl are also a carnivore’s dream.

Fat Belly Social Steakhouse also offers a number of cocktail options – mostly classics such as the Negroni and Old Fashioned – you can bundle with your meat-laden order.

website | 21A Boon Tat St, Singapore 069620 | 6227 2247 | order here

  • Heart of Darkness Singapore

Craft beer brewery and restaurant Heart of Darkness Singapore is a favourite drinking hole for many for a number of reasons – rocking vibes, great comfort food, a wide range of fresh craft beer on tap, and a range of other alcoholic beverages that guarantee you stagger out of this place. While we can’t hang out at their taproom, they do thankfully do home delivery and takeaway.

Heart of Darkness Food

For food Heart of Darkness Singapore offers an eclectic variety of eats that should please any palate, ranging from bar snacks to dishes fit for a family feast. Befitting of a brewery restaurant that’s an offshoot of the Saigon-based Heart of Darkness Brewery, there’s Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Banh Mi, Pho Bo (Vietnamese beef noodle soup), and Banh Bao Ga (chicken dumplings). But you’re also looking at beer-friendly bites like Poutine and Nachos, Xinjiang-style Spicy Lamb Skewers, and British Bangers & Mash. Want something more local in flavour? Consider the Darkness Rendang Wagyu Burger or Spicy Sambal Squid Pasta.

Don’t forget its range of craft beers to go with your food; its core and seasonal beers – such as the Kurtz Insane IPA and Director Cacao Nib Porter – are available in bottle and cans. Also available are a range of wines, sakes, and bottled cocktails.

website | 1 Keong Saik Rd, Singapore 089109 | 6208 7940 | order here

Our friends at Superadrianme.com has also similarly compiled a list for eating well when eating out is not an option.

  • In Bad Company

Previously a hidden speakeasy, In Bad Company recently reinvented itself as a contemporary gastrobar a couple of months ago and just set themselves up at The Flow in Katong. But the current P2HA near-lockdown means no one can visit their new digs.

For now, their small but eclectically fun eats are available via home delivery and takeaway. There’s Farmer’s Harvest, featuring tender grilled chicken breast drizzled with a yummy yuzu citrus sesame dressing and served up with tangerine segments and charred baby Romaine lettuce – a keto-friendly yet tasty dish you’d enjoy even if you weren’t counting macros. We did also like The Garden, which is grilled octopus and deep fried kale and served on a bed of quinoa.

Befitting of their original speakeasy bar cred, their nibbles make the perfect bar food. We absolutely loved the deep fried renkon in Tofu Nuggets & Lotus Root Chips, as well as Eihire, their twist on the Japanese otsumami of grilled stingray fin.

For those who love their craft beers and natural wines, In Bad Company’s delivery menu carries a well-curated variety – we find beers from cult brands like Mikkeller, Garage Project, and Cloudwater, while you’ll find the likes of Lucy Margaux and Staffelter Hof on its wine list.

website | 66 East Coast Rd, #05-17 The Flow, Singapore 428778 | order here

  • IKO

Offering its own unique contemporary take on Japanese cuisine, newly-established gastrobar IKO on Neil Road has compiled a home delivery menu that may just tickle your mod-Japanese fancies. Their specially-curated delivery includes their signature items such as Uni, Asari, and Iberico Pluma, as well as delivery exclusives like DIY Zosui and Luxe Box, the latter of which is a premium seasonal box featuring aromatic truffle rice topped with air flown ingredients such as Hokkaido bafun uni, torched Hokkaido scallops, ikura and botan ebi.

website | 65 Neil Rd, Singapore 088897 | 8866 5218 | order here

  • Larry & The Birds

A midnight supper club concept by gastrobar Freehouse, Larry & The Birds is gastronomic indulgence for those with drunken tendencies. Otherwise there’s no reason to order calorific yet scrumptious bites like their signature Ramen Fried Chicken – that’s fried chicken encrusted in a batter that evokes flavours of your favourite ramen – or the Late-Night Sandwich, and ham and cheese toastie guaranteed to quell any late night hunger pangs and help prevent a hangover the morning after.

Except that you can also order a range of craft beers via Freehouse’s sister concept, bottle delivery service Temple Cellars (which recently introduced a 24/7 booze delivery service). You’re looking at cult beers from UK’s Cloudwater Brew Co, New Zealand’s Garage Project, and Denmark’s Mikkeller, along with an eclectic range of electrifying wines that will challenge your sobriety and win.

website | 10, 12 Gemmill Lane, Singapore 069251 | 6877 4855 | order here

  • Laut

Contemporary Asian gastrobar Laut is no stranger to lockdowns, having started in Singapore’s circuit breaker period last year providing takeaway and home delivery of its quirky and innovative modern takes on mod-Sin and mod-Asian eats. It recently refreshed its menu though, and a number of them are gems – their Carrot Cake is a total remake of the hawker classic, while the overhauled Otah sees an entire fresh fish fillet smothered in local spices for a luxe version of the traditional spiced fish cake. We’re thankful though that our favourites from the previous menu – Squid Gado, the signature Laut Curry, and the moreish Burnt Eggplant Dip – remain available for delivery. And don’t forget their range of unique cocktails.

website | 17 Stanley St, Singapore 068736 | 8878 8018 | order here

  • JAG

For special occasions, JAG delivers. The Michelin-starred contemporary French restaurant not only features an ala carte selection of contemporary twists on classic French dishes – their JAG Signature Croque Monsieur is to die for – but true to its author cuisine roots also offers a seasonal degustation menu or even a full bespoke experience for that most indulgent evening. JAG also runs an online shop where it sells some gourmet foods and herbal spirits they import direct, so do check those out too.

website | 76 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089535 | 3138 8477 | order here

  • Manhattan

Award-winning Regent Singapore cocktail bar Manhattan may be far better known for their exquisite cocktails – like those from their current “New York Personified” menu – but their bar bites are pretty excellent too. For a lazy decadent evening the Manhattan Lobster Rolls will hit the spot, but if you love your burgers, Manhattan’s Redemption Burger is to die for. Bundle your order with some of their bottled cocktails – their Aviation is among the best in town, and we do enjoy their 50/50 Martini too.

website | 1 Cuscaden Rd, Level 2 Regent Singapore, Singapore 249715 | 6725 3377 | order here


Looking for an elevated brunch that’s delivered to your home? Bayside modern Italian restaurant MONTI has one that combines proud Italian gastronomic tradition with premium ingredients. An Italian Lux Brunch allows you to customise your own brunch, where you can choose from various MONTI signatures such as the classic Burratina & Heirloom Tomatoes starter, a Baked Wagyu Beef & Pork Lasagne, MONTI’s signature Braised Beef Short Rib, and Tiramisu. Be sure you have a nice bottle of Chianti or Brunello to make it a proper Italian brunch.

website | 82 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049327 | 6535 0724 | order here

the nomads nan

  • The Nomads

Looking for something to tickle an adventurous palate? Go no further than the contemporary Central Asian cuisine of The Nomads. They recently launched “The Nomads at Home”, a scaled-down, stay-at-home version of their ridiculously awesome dine-in tasting menu.

If you’ve not sampled The Nomads’ modern take on Central Asian cuisines, “The Nomads at Home” is a great way to do so.  The degustation menu comes with a regular or vegetarian/seafood option, each which comes a set of courses that feeds two or three people. These include their fabulous house-baked nan, a couple of very delicious Kazakh-style samsas, and their signature Gatherer’s Plov, which you can top up with spiced duck, seafood, or wagyu beef. Have a bigger household? No worries. There’s also a family-sized option at $198, which feeds four to five people.

To complete the experience, pick out a couple of wines from The Nomads that are decidedly more unusual in origin – the Syrah-based Alain Graillot Syrocco Rouge Maroc from Morocco, orthe Kavaklidere Ancrya Okuzgozu from Turkey.

website | 70 Telok Ayer St, #01-01, Singapore 048462 | 6977 7057 | order here

  • Nutmeg & Clove

We’re big fans of local cocktail bar Nutmeg & Clove’s slightly offbeat and almost rebellious streak; its recently updated menu “Mythical Animals Story: The Great Race”  employed some rather bizarre ingredient combinations in their cocktails (they’re very tasty, though).

That goes for their food menu as well, much of which have been repurposed for home delivery or takeaway. There’s Zi Char Clams, a stir-fried dish of clams in a moreish sauce that you normally expect to find at your neigbourhood coffeeshop zi char stall, or Chong Qing Chicken Wings of crispy mid wings tossed in Szechuan spices. Even more exotic is Tom Yum Bishop Nose, which sees battered deep-fried chicken butts dressed in a tom yum sauce.

Even their mains are slightly wacky. There’s their ever-popular Lemak Dry Mee Siam with Crispy Soft Shell Crab and Chilled Noodles in Tsuyu Dressing, but we’re loving their delivery exclusive items such as Lobster Pao Fan and the Roti John Chicken Sando, the latter of which is a strange but deliciously messy hybrid sandwich that combines the flavours of roti john and Japanese-style katsu sando.

Nutmeg & Clove also recently reworked their bottled cocktail offerings. Good options include their Almost Colourless Negroni and Is This Really Boulevardier, as well as the smash hit from their previous menu, the clarified milk punch that is Roses & Lychee.

website | 8 Purvis St, Singapore 188587 | 9389 9301 | order here

  • Salted and Hung

We love everything about Salted and Hung, but especially their house-cured charcuterie. For home delivery options this period the contemporary Australian eatery has put together an entire host of sandwich options – made with those cured meats – such as the Cubano with slow-cooked pork shoulder and smoked ham, the Duck Rillette Toastie featuring their unctuous melt-in-the-mouth duck rillette, or the Wagyu Pastrami Sandwich. There are main courses and even feed-the-family options too.

Wash them sandwiches down with some Australian craft beer, or pick up a couple of bottles of wines from Salted and Hung’s selection.

website | 12 Purvis St, Singapore 188591 | 6358 3130 | order here

  • Rails

Steampunk-themed bar and lounge Rails has put out an entire host of cocktails and bottle bundles for takeaway and home delivery. More importantly they also offer an elevated take on junk eats from Chix Hot Chicken of Jalan Pisang fame, including the deliciously greasy fried chicken sandwich that is the Soul Slider, as well as the Dirty Taters.

website | 21 Tanjong Pagar Road #01-02 Singapore 088444 | 8725 6789 | order here

Shinsora Takeaway Home Delivery

  • Shinsora

Shinsora may have opened just before Phase 2: Heightened Alert hit, but that’s not stopping them from introducing their contemporary take on Japanese omakase via delivery. Chef-owners Sky Tai and Leon Yap are old hands at Japanese cuisine – Chef Sky has 20 years of experience under his belt, with ten of those years as head chef at Standing Sushi Bar – and have put together some deluxe bento boxes for our home enjoyment.

Here you’re looking at introspective reinterpretation of Edomae sushi that reflect the seasons. Consider the Omakase Sashimi & Sushi, a collection of seasonal wild-caught seafood specially selected for you, or the Omakase Sashimi if you prefer to skip the nigiri. For the truly indulgent there’s the Toro.Uni.Ikura Don, which puts together three of the most prized Japanese delicacies in a single rice bowl. While there’s no substitute to actually sitting in front of a sushi chef watching as they expertly slice up your fish, these bentos come very, very close.

Co-owner and chef Leon Yap also happens to be a skilled sake sommelier, and he has curated a number of sakes – such as the Kuheiji Eau du Desir Junmai Daiginjo from Aichi prefecture – he believes would make for perfect pairing with Shinsora’s elegant offerings.

website | 331 North Bridge Road 01-04 Odeon Towers, Singapore 188720 | 8737 4366 | order here

  • Stellar

Sky-high fine-dining restaurant Stellar has put together some favourites from its progressive Australian menu for home delivery and takeaway during these times of tightened measures. There’s the Lunchtime Affair, a three-course set lunch good for weekend (home) dates, or the slightly humbler Sky-High Lunch Box meant for solo dining. But if you’re looking to splurge, Stellar-Brate is their ultimate degustation menu perfect for special occasions that’s good for two to four diners.

website | Level 62, 1 Raffles Place, Singapore 048616 | 6438 0410 | order here

  • Tanoke

Modern Japanese gastrobar Tanoke – one of our favourite places for a Japanese-inflected brunch – offers you the opportunity to experience its unique gastronomic experience in the comforts of your own home. There are family feast options, or rice bowls that are good for solo dining – we highly recommend the Australian Striploin Rice Bowl, or if you’re feeling a little more lux than usual, the Tanoke Premium Bowl comes chockfull with a choice of beef, foie gras, uni, ikura, and onsen egg atop premium Niigata rice.

website | 7 Purvis St (Level 2), Singapore 188586 | 9106 3378 | order here


We reckon New Zealand-themed WAKANUI Grill Dining is among the best places in Singapore for good grilled lamb. Sure you can find fantastic beef steaks in many places around town, but perfectly binchotan seared, pink-in-the-middle tender lamb rack? Their WAKANUI Spring Lamb does it for us.

Thankfully WAKANUI has made available their grilled items for delivery or takeaway, including that grilled lamb. If you prefer beef though, also available are the WAKANUI Ocean Beef Ribeye and Grilled Westholme Wagyu Beef Petite Tender. Highly recommended is their extremely popular Ocean Beef Steak Sandwich, essentially a Japanese-style steak sando featuring quality ribeye in between house-made brioche. A surprising offering on their menu is the Binchotan Grilled Eel Donburi, a rather faithful rendition to the Japanese classic eel dish.

And if you’re looking for booze to complement your meal, their sister concept bottle retailer 1855 The Bottle Shop has you covered. We reckon a good Pinot Noir from New Zealand’s Central Otago is in order to go with that lamb.

website | 5 Straits View, Marina One (West Tower, #04-02 The Heart, Singapore 018935 | 6384 2665 | order here

  • Winestone

Casual modern European restaurant Winestone at Novotel on Stevens has always been a great place to while away an evening over some Mediterranean-inspired dishes and affordable wine. That’s not an option these days, but you can recreate the experience at home with their takeaway and home delivery options.

Winestone home delivery
[Photo credit: Superadrianme.com]
Family-friendly eats from Winestone include pasta favourites such as Rigatoni Prawn Pasta and Ragout Tagliatelle Pasta. Those who prefer their pizzas can opt for the Winestone Pizza topped with pumpkin, tomatoes, rocket, gorgonzola and mozzarella. We’re also fans of the Winestone Wagyu Burger, which came bursting with ingredients like a slow-grilled wagyu patty, portobello mushroom, camembert, and onion marmalade.And don’t forget their fairly-priced wines. We’d easily pick up the Famille Perrin Luberon Blanc, which makes a perfect everyday drinking wine, while the Misha Vineyard The High Note Pinot Noir is excellent for pairing with tomato-based pastas.

website | 30 Stevens Rd, #01-09, Singapore 257840 | 6491 6100 | order here

  • 藝yì by Jereme Leung

Raffles Singapore’s classic Chinese restaurant 藝yì presents the master chef and serial F&B entrepreneur Jereme Leung’s introspective take on the regional cuisines of China. Here the restaurant makes available many of Leung’s specialties for takeaway and delivery.

Dishes range from dim sum delights – such as Har Gau Shrimp Dumpling and Sesame Shrimp Toast – and traditional Cantonese roasts like Crispy Pork Belly, to Sichuanese classics like Hot and Sour Soup and Dan Dan Noodles, and Xinjiang-style Sauteed Lamb Tenderloin. From time to time 藝yì also offers seasonal specialties; right now is bamboo shoot season, and the restaurant currently has a spread of dishes that utilise this highly sought-after ingredient, such as Bamboo Shoot stuffed with Glutinous Rice, Sakura Shrimp, and Shiitake Mushroom, and Braised Abalone, Bamboo Shoots and Chicken Casserole in a Mild Spicy Sauce.

If you’re hankering for some tipples, bottled cocktails from Raffles Singapore’s cocktail bar Writers Bar are similarly available available from their online ordering platform RafflesGrabandGo.com.

website | #3-02 Raffles Arcade, 328 North Bridge Rd Singapore 188719 | 6412 1816 | order here

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