Award-winning French fine dining establishment Restaurant JAG sets up an online shop peddling an eclectic range of craft goods and delicacies.

We’ve been very impressed with Restaurant JAG, having dined there a number of times ever since they opened up in the Duxton Hill dining enclave early last year. Others agree. The haute French eatery, where chef-owner Jérémy Gillon uses the herbs of his native Savoie in France to put together some of the most whimsical dishes we’ve set fork to, landed a Michelin star in 2019 mere months after its opening.

Now you can have a little taste of Restaurant JAG at home (actually it did a pretty roaring delivery service during Singapore’s painful circuit breaker period). The fine establishment has just opened an online shop selling a range of edible goods, spirits, and even kitchen ware, to fulfil your home gourmand desires.

We’re looking at a range of homemade heirloom quinces and spiced jams from Chef Jérémy Gillon’s mother, lovingly hand-made in France, for example. Flavours include wild Cherry Jam, tangy Rhubarb Jam, wildly foraged Savoie Sureau Herb Jam, hand-picked Peach Jam and Freshly Harvested Apple Jelly.

Also available are a variety of fruit vinegars from Huilerie Beaujolaise, a Beaujolais-based gourmet producer of virgin olive oils and vinegars which Chef Jérémy employs in his kitchen to dress various dishes. The selection available on the Restaurant JAG online shop include Fraise (Strawberry), Framboise (Raspberry), Myrtille (Blueberry), Coing (Quince), Miel (Honey) and Cerise (Cherry)  flavours.

But for Spirited’s readers, you’d be most interested in Restaurant JAG’s exclusive range of herbal liqueurs. Specially made for JAG at Jeevro, a micro-distillery in Savoie, each liqueur uses the very same indigenous alpine herbs utilised at JAG’s herb-led gastronomy. Examples include Sapinette, Hysope, Arquebuse, Thyme, or Melisse, all of which can be had neat, or used to add an interesting herbal twist to the cocktails you make at home.

As for non-edibles, there’s a couple of fragrances – Summer and Autumn – created in collaboration with French perfumery Maison21G, as well as a special Opinel knife set that comes in a specially commissioned wooden box by Singapore’s own Kjung Woodwork.

Me? I’m eyeing those jams by Chef Jérémy’s mum. They should make the perfect accompaniment to a French cheese board and some good wine.

You can find the Restaurant JAG online shop at

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