The new AN Lager and Son of a Peach hard seltzer by Amber Nectar are sweet alcoholic drinks for those who don’t like the taste of alcohol.

It may sound contradictory, but sometimes those who drink alcohol don’t actually like the taste of it. There are those who like sweet wines, Sauternes for example, or those who opt for fruit juice-laced cocktails instead of spirit-forward ones. If you fall into this category, alcohol distributor House of Amber Nectar has just introduced into market two products you may want to take a look at – the AN Lager and the AN Hard Seltzer – Son of a Peach, launched under its new consumer label Amber Nectar.

There’s the AN Lager, a traditional lager in all its refreshingly crisp glory, but with a twist. Literally. It comes with small packet containing a stevia-based fruit enhancer – Mango Passionfruit – that you twist and squeeze into your beer to sweeten it.

This is not any different from, say, the practice of adding flavoured sodas to your beer. The Germans do it with lemon soda to make Radler. There’s the Monaco, a cocktail the French make using beer, lemonade and grenadine syrup. If you don’t like the taste of beer, this is one way to mask its hoppy and malty flavours.

Amber Nectar AN Lager with flavour enhancer
Amber Nectar’s AN Lager comes with a packet of sweetened enhancer to flavour your beer.

Then you have the AN Hard Seltzer – Son of a Peach. Tapping on the growing trend in hard seltzers, Amber Nectar’s entrant, we think, is going to be a fizzy sensation. Unlike the many other fruit flavoured hard seltzers currently in the market such as those offered by Somersby or Coca Cola’s Tipo Chico, you can actually taste a proper fruity sweetness in this. Like the syrupy enhancer for the AN Lager the sweetness in Son of a Peach comes from the use of sugar substitute stevia. It’s why it comes in at under 99 calories per bottle.

“The launch of our new consumer brand, Amber Nectar, marks a key milestone in the development of our business as a serious contender in the alcohol industry,” says Leonard Tan, Director of House of Amber Nectar. House of Amber Nectar has been the sole authorised distributor for spirits such as JINRO, as well as Korea’s popular HITE beer. Amber Nectar is its first foray into its own branded range of products.

Amber Nectar will look to launch additional flavours for both its AN lager and hard seltzer ranges in the coming months.

The AN Lager and AN Hard Seltzer – Son of a Peach can be purchased at a recommended retail price of S$3.70 (330ml) and S$4.50 (330ml) respectively from Amber Nectar’s official stores on online marketplaces such as Shopee, Lazada and Qoo10, and its own online store. They can also be found in various bars and restaurants around Singapore, such as Beer Factory.

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