Temple Street’s new bottled Singapore Sling cocktail is the patriotic drink you want to celebrate National Day with.

If there’s one cocktail one most associates with Singapore, it’s the eponymous Singapore Sling. First created by Raffles Hotel Singapore bartender Ngiam Tong Boon and offered at the Long Bar from 1915, the iconic if complicated take on the gin sling – it combines gin, cherry liqueur, Cointreau, Benedictine DOM, grenadine, Angostura bitters, as well as lime juice and pineapple juice – is fruity, sweet and boozy all at once. Over the decades many bartenders have tried to improve on the recipe (even Raffles Hotel updated its own a few years back), and one veteran local bartender even named his restaurant bar after it, but the Singapore Sling remains unique.

That’s perhaps why local premium bottled cocktail brand Temple Street has chosen to launch its own Singapore Sling, neatly packaged in its one-serve, ready-to-drink bottles. While they’re not the first to offer a commercially-available bottled Singapore Sling – for many years you can ask for one on any Singapore Airlines flight made by another bottled cocktail purveyor, True Heritage Brew – the Temple Street Singapore Sling does comes with some pedigree.

Concocted with the help of the talented mixologists from bar consultancy Proof & Company, the new Temple Street Singapore Sling follows a recipe that Temple Street says stays mostly true to the classic, but does add a touch of almond flavour for a slight twist. Temple Street say it’s best served chilled over ice and garnished with a pineapple or orange wedge, but we think a miniature Singapore flag for decoration would be an appropriate touch for the season.

There may be better ways to celebrate Singapore’s 56th birthday, but a Singapore Sling in hand while watching the National Day Parade is pretty hard to beat.

The Temple Street Singapore Sling is available directly from Temple Street’s website at the price of S$11 each. But Temple Street and sister outfit Trouble Brewing is currently offering two special National Day bundles of 24 limited-edition Singapore Lager (330ml) and 6 Singapore Sling (100ml) for S$130.00 (U.P S$143.00) with delivery, or 12 limited-edition Singapore Lager (330ml) and 6 Singapore Sling (100ml) for S$99.00 (U.P S$111.00) with delivery.

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