Luke’s Lobster celebrates its first anniversary in Singapore by tying up with local restaurants with Luke Goes Local, while Wildfire Burgers unveils their limited edition lobster roll.

Love your lobster rolls? Singapore certainly does. Over the five years we’ve seen how a number of lobster roll concepts open up across Singapore, offering Singaporeans a taste of this messy New England favourite.

In fact, iconic Luke’s Lobster just announced that it’s opening yet another outlet here. The new outlet at Great World City is its third in just barely a year since coming to Singapore, and may just be an indication of how popular lobster rolls are here.

Luke Goes Local

And to celebrate its first anniversary in Singapore, Luke’s Lobster has unveiled Luke Goes Local. This is a collaborative series that sees Luke’s Lobster partner with various homegrown chefs to create limited-edition lobster rolls with a distinct local flavour.

The first will see the lobster roll chain work with Chef Mano Thevar of modern Indian restaurant Thevar. Available now till mid-October, Luke’s x Thevar Curry Aioli Lobster Roll promises to be a flavour bomb, with a most glorious lobster roll that comes with big chunks of lobster flesh tossed in a secret curry aioli, a Goan seafood spice mix, as well as a house-made roasted coconut chutney. As though that’s not enough, it’s sprinkled with shellfish oil for even more flavour of the sea. This limited-edition lobster roll with Thevar costs a whopping S$30.50.

We’re also looking forward to the second edition of Luke Goes Local, which is a collaboration lobster roll with Birds of a Feather. The modern Sichuan restaurant is best known for unique and playful takes on incorporating Sichuan influences to Western classics, and the upcoming Luke’s x Birds of a Feather Sichuan Mala Lobster Roll looks to be an insane mashup. We’re talking about a lobster chunks coated in fiery Sichuan spices, but also preserved mustard greens, black vinegar, preserved soybean paste, egg yolk, lemon, and Birds of a Feather’s signature red chilli oil. This specific limited-edition lobster roll with Birds of a Feather will also come in at S$30.50, and will be available from mid-October to mid-November later this year.

Lobster roll season at Wildfire Burgers

Then there’s Wildfire Burgers with its latest seasonal offering. While previous seasonal editions were burger-based – such as a forest mushroom cheeseburger, and even one that sticks the flavours of Korean army stew between burger buns – the latest one is their Lobster Roll. Think pieces of juicy Maine lobster that’s been poached and then slathered with a rich house-made lemony buerre blanc, and then topped with shio kombu and chives.

What makes Wildfire’s lobster roll a particular standout is the fluffy and buttery brioche roll that’s been toasted to perfection, lending a sweetness that brings out the briny loveliness of lobster. Best yet it’s attractively priced at just $18 per roll, which makes it a more affordable luxury. Make sure you also order their newly-introduced Tater Tots. These are not ordinary tater tots either; the grated potato nuggets have been coated in a chicken powder made in-house using chicken skin that’s been dehydrated and fried, lending massive bursts of umami flavour with each bite. You may want to order a beer from Wildfire Burger’s sprawling craft beer selection to help wash these all down too.

Wildfire Burgers’ seasonal lobster roll is available from now till end September 2021.

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