The Old Man Singapore recently dropped v3, their third cocktail menu since launch that explores Ernest Hemingway’s many-storied life journey.

It’s taken us a while, but we finally caught up with The Old Man Singapore’s v3 menu, their latest cocktail menu that was introduced in August earlier this year.

When The Old Man Singapore first opened up in mid-2019, it was a near-faithful facsimile of the original The Old Man in Hong Kong, from the decor right down to its v1 cocktail menu. That menu was replaced with v2 in the middle of last year – when dining restrictions was eased right after Singapore’s circuit breaker period – but even then that menu borrowed largely from the Hong Kong flagship.

The Old Singapore bar counter
Two years and countless visits later, we are still intrigued and amused by the metal strip that runs along The Old Singapore bar counter that helps keep your drinks cold.

v3, its latest menu, cannot be any different.

For its latest menu, The Old Man Singapore managing partner Andrew Yap and his team was essentially given free and full creative rein to do what they want. And they did. While each entry in the previous menus were inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s literary works, The Old Man Singapore’s newest menu instead explored periods in the award-winning author’s own life. Including, Yap would gleefully point out, Hemingway’s love life.

“These innovative drinks attempt to distill the memories associated with Hemingway’s journey, invoking a sense of nostalgia for a distant past, for romantic and tragic relationships, as well as adventure and travel,” explained Andrew Yap, Managing Partner of The Old Man Singapore.

“In the spirit of Hemingway’s ingenuity, each cocktail is experimental, combining culinary accoutrements and science,” Yap added.

And experimental they are. So experimental you’re hard-pressed to pigeonhole them into classics.

There’s #1899, a hat tip to the year Hemingway was born. It combines refermented Havana Rum, soy milk kefir, pandan distillate, gomme, and orange soda – ingredients that don’t sound like they go together, but here the drink surprises with every sip.

Or how about #1917, the year in which Hemingway participated in the Great War? Similarly complex this cocktail is, made with Monkey Shoulder blended malt whisky infused with cheese wax, hydrated sous vide fungi, and honey brine for an earthy, umami experience.

The Old Man Singapore v3 #1944
#1944 incorporates roasted aubergine in its making. Thankfully it tastes a lot better than that sounds.

#1940 is inspired by Hemingway’s third wife Martha Gellhorn. This luxurious libation is a twist on the Manhattan, with Michter’s Sourmash whisky mixed with sous vide fig and chocolate wine for a rich, sensual drink. Not to be outdone is #1944 – inspired by Hemingway’s fourth (and final) wife, Mary Welsh – made with Strangers & Sons gin, gomme, citrus zest, and – bizarrely – roasted aubergine. A take on a gimlet, maybe?

Our favourite in the v3 menu though has to be #1927. We can’t exactly remember what this year represented in the author’s life – we’ve had a few drinks by then – but this tipple comprising Remy Martin cognac, madagascar bean-infused vermouth, maraschino, and orange phosphate is the very reason you turn loose Yap and his team.

So they can be fearless, adventurous, and sometimes, even brash. Just like the heroes in Hemingway’s books. And Hemingway himself wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Old Man (Singapore)

Address 55 Keong Saik Road, #01-04, Singapore 089158 (Google Maps link)
Opening Hours 5pm to 10.30pm Mondays to Saturdays; closed on Sundays
Tel (65) 6909 5505
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