Get a taste of autumn in cocktail form with the House of Suntory this season at six different partner venues across Singapore.

We’re coming up to autumn!

For gastrophiles like us, a change in seasons also means changes we can expect in our food and drink. We love how autumn – with its vibrant signature colours of red, orange, and gold – also brings seasonal flavours. Think produce such as apples, pears, chestnuts, maple and so much more. All of which chefs and mixologists can leverage to titillate our palates!

If you’re looking for autumnal seasonal flavours in your cocktails, you’re in luck. The House of Suntory has something for you. Just as the House of Suntory celebrated spring earlier year with nine partner bars and restaurants, for this autumn they have specially collaborated with six venues to offer limited-time seasonal cocktails.

You can expect these venues to leverage House of Suntory’s very Japanese stable of spirits – particularly Haku Vodka, Chita Whisky, and Roku Gin (the latter of which leverages on plenty of seasonal botanicals) – but also autumn produce for these seasonal cocktails.

The six partner bars and restaurants offering Suntory autumn cocktails are:

  • Akira Back,
  • LUMO,
  • Neon Pigeon,
  • Tess Bar,
  • The Guild, and
  • VUE.

Each outlet has created three Suntory autumn cocktails – that makes a total of 18 limited time cocktails! – with every one designed to accentuate the signature characteristics of the three spirits (so one with Roku Gin, another with Haku Vodka and the last with Chita Whisky).

Suntory Autumn Cocktails - The Guild
The Guild’s Suntory autumn cocktails are (from L to R) Autumn Sour, Osmanthus Moon, and Fall’s Toast.

For example, Akira Back is offering Omotenashi, an autumnal Gin & Tonic with the refreshing flavours of yuzu combined with Roku Gin’s floral and citrus notes. Then there’s Ringo from Neon Pigeon, a Martini-style cocktail that combines the crispness of red Fuji apple and the fragrance of sakura oak with the subtle sweetness of Haku Vodka.

We also like the sound of Fall’s Toast from The Guild, which promises toasty notes of chestnut, brown rice tea and kinako, a liberal twist on the Old Fashioned made with Chita Whisky.

What better way to usher in fall than with these Suntory autumn cocktails?

These limited-time Suntory autumn cocktails will be available at these partner venues exclusively in the months of September and October 2022.

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