Papa Doble Singapore and Tippling Club unveil revamped creative cocktail menus to kickstart our year of drinking.

We love new menu season, especially when it comes to our favourite cocktail bars! Two of the bars that recently introduced new drink offerings are Hemingway-inspired cocktail bar Papa Doble Singapore, and award-winning bar restaurant Tippling Club. Both have released what we think are very creative new cocktail programmes; one technique-driven, and the other, story-based.

What’s even better? Both venues are a mere 5-minute walk from each other! That’s your bar hop all set.

Travel with your tastebuds on a Hemingway-led “Journey” at Papa Doble Singapore

papa doble singapore 2023 new cocktails
From L to R: Africa, China, and Spain.

Papa Doble Singapore (what used to be The Old Man Singapore) continues to be inspired by Ernest Hemingway, that prolific writer, intrepid traveler and self-confessed lover of drink. Like its previous cocktail menus that tapped Hemingway’s life and work – one of which even explored his love life – the latest by an entirely new bar team led by head bartender Shavinraj Gopinath shines the spotlight on the many countries the erstwhile globetrotter have visited.

While these cocktails drip with technique – the Papa Doble folks are mad when it comes to the use of the latest mixology gadgetry – they don’t let that override flavour. There’s China, a liberal take on the French 75 with notes of pink dragonfruit and soursop, or Spain, a clarified milk punch that comes with saffron hints along with oolong tea. There’s also rum- and whisky-laced Africa, which tastes like an Espresso Martini but isn’t one at all. And while we normally avoid any kind of Singapore Sling, Papa Doble’s Singapore – Hemingway did drop into Raffles Hotel once – is a far more sophisticated and nuanced version. Our favourite though, had got to be the refreshing, soul-cleansing highball that is Bahamas – think a clarified Mai Tai. Those partial to classics will be relieved to know its popular Papa Negroni, Papa Old Fashioned and namesake Papa Doble are all retained.

Papa Doble Singapore | 55 Keong Saik Rd, #01-04, Singapore 089158 (Google Maps link) | 5pm to 12am Mondays to Saturdays; closed on Sundays | | 9022 7908


Jive to Tippling Club’s “A Guide to Modern Drinking, Volume III – 6 Decades of Music”

tippling club music 2023 menu
From L to R: Jive to Savoy Truffle, Get Up Everybody, and Funky Monks.

Award-winning Tippling Club kills it so much as a restaurant we sometimes forget it’s home to a great cocktail bar as well. Its newest cocktail menu “A Guide to Modern Drinking, Volume III – 6 Decades of Music” is inspired by music, coming after previous editions that reinterpreted classic French gastronomic dishes or luminary works of art.

If you’re a huge music lover, you’re going to dig the drinks designed by Tippling Club’s new head bartender Arathorn Grey each of which pays homage to an iconic artist and their musical hits. He draws on song titles, lyrics and even musician quirks for inspiration. Crooner Bing Crosby’s White Christmas, for example, is a creamy tipple based on the festive egg nog, while big band maestro Glenn Miller’s Moonlight Cocktail song gets reimagined into a clarified milk punch with notes of mango and almond. Don’t miss out on Learnin’ The Blues. Named for ‘Old Blue Eyes’ Frank Sinatra, this is an elevated Old Fashioned aged in a cask that’s been washed by ruby port and amontillado sherry. Feeling adventurous? Try Savoy Truffle. This Beatles inspiration is a rich tropical tiki drink that bizarrely employs butternut squash and truffle-infused gin, among other things. It may just rock your world… or not. Swing by to find out.

Tippling Club | 38 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088461 (Google Maps link) | 12pm to 12am Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays to Saturdays; closed on Wednesdays and Sundays | | 6475 2217 | book now

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