The Samsung Bespoke Infinite Line Wine Cellar, a full-height wine storage appliance, makes for the perfect statement piece in any wine lover’s home.

Samsung may be better known for making cutting-edge mobile phones or high-definition televisions, but the Korean consumer electronics giant also makes a wide variety of specialised appliances as well. Among the more unusual? Samsung actually makes a refrigerator that’s perfect for fermenting kimchi in any kind of climate (which, sadly for kimchi lovers, isn’t available in Singapore).

One of the latest appliances Samsung has released here in Singapore? A wine fridge. Launched as part of its new freestanding Bespoke Infinite Line – which also comprises of a fridge and freezer – the Samsung Bespoke Infinite Line Wine Cellar is a stylish full-height wine storage solution that combines contemporary minimalist design with customisable modular options for a wine-lover’s exacting needs. Cut with refined aesthetics, Samsung’s new wine fridge will certainly complement the most beautiful of homes.

More importantly for wine collectors, the Bespoke Infinite Line Wine Cellar stores up to 101 bottles and comes with three separate temperature-controlled compartments (5–18°C for the top and bottom sections, and 5–13°C for the centre display section). This allows you to set optimal temperatures and humidity levels for storing and ageing different types of wines at the same time; cool for complex reds like your favourite Bordeaux or Burgundy, cold for white wines like a Soave or Sancerre, and colder still for champagnes.

Samsung Bespoke Infinite Line Wine Cellar - wood racks

The glass door of the fridge is triple-glazed to keep out UV rays, which can damage your wine’s colour and flavours. Within, the racks of natural oak act to reduce vibrations that can also affect wine.

And because this is the age of the Internet of Things, the Wifi-enabled Samsung Infinite Line Wine Cellar is SmartThings-compatible. This means you can directly monitor and control your fridge, as well as build and manage your wine inventory, using your mobile phone.

Sounds like something you’re looking to get for your home? The new Samsung Bespoke Infinite Line Wine Cellar is now available on the Samsung Online Store and at selected consumer electronic stores at a recommended retail price of S$13,000.

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