The cocktail world is set to descend on Singapore this October as the Lion City hosts The World’s 50 Best Bars for its 2023 edition.

While all eyes on the official ceremony on 17 October as the annual awards list unveils its top 50 cocktail bars from across the globe, Singapore’s beloved bars will also be hosting an entire slate of cocktail events such as bartending guest shifts and boozy brunches to celebrate the best of cocktail culture.

We’ve put together what we think is the definitive guide to drink and party well this World’s 50 Best Bars season happening in Singapore. We’ll be updating this as we get more information, but in the meantime, cocktail revellers, ready your livers!

World’s 50 Best Bars Signature Sessions

Saturday 14 October 2023

Tjoget - Isac and Hedda

  • [6pm to 10pm] Whisk(e)y Lovers’ Night at JIGGER & PONY

Jigger & Pony plays host to Stockholm’s Tjoget – currently No.71 on The World’s 50 Best Bars 2022 list – with bartenders Hedda Bruce and Isac Johansson slinging out a whopping spread of nine whisk(e)y-based cocktails made with Michter’s, Nikka Whisky and/or Naked Malt.

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Sunday 15 October 2023

  • [7pm to 10pm] THE ELEPHANT ROOM, hosting REKA:BAR [Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia]
  • [8pm to 10pm] MO BAR, hosting BACKDOOR BODEGA [Penang, Malaysia]
  • [8pm onwards] Sip, Savour & Swing by THE NUTMEG COLLECTIVE

The Nutmeg Collective will be hosting a trio of esteemed guest bartenders from award-winning bars: Nutmeg & Clove will feature cocktails by Julio Cabrera from Café La Trova (Miami, US), Last Word will be hosting Martin Ciska & Yann Bouvvignies from Scarfes Bar (London UK), while Hidetsugu Ueno of Bar High Five will serve up an exclusive cocktail omakase at Room 0202.

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  • [12pm to 3pm] Dark Spirits Brunch at MANHATTAN

Manhattan at Conrad Singapore Orchard partners Vancouver’s Botanist Bar to present a special edition of Manhattan’s famous Sunday Cocktail Brunch. Manhattan and Botanist Bar – both preceding recipients of the Michter’s Art of Hospitality Award as part of Asia’s 50 Best Bars and North America’s 50 Best Bars, respectively – will together curate a luxurious buffet complemented by a selection of free-flowing cocktails in partnership with Matusalem, Torres, Remy Martin and Perrier. S$158++ per person for three hours of free-flow food and cocktails.

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  • [7pm onwards] ‘50 Best Signature Sessions’ Party at ATLAS

ATLAS is teaming up with The World’s 50 Best Bars to present a ‘50 Best Signature Sessions’ party featuring some of the world’s top bars – Little Red Door from Paris (ranked No.5 on The World’s 50 Best Bars 2022), and Southside Parlor from Seoul (ranked No.37 on Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2023). S$30 per entry.

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Wednesday 18 October 2023

  • [6pm to 9.30pm] Agave Night at WRITERS BAR
  • [8pm onwards] Italian Night with FRENI E FRIZIONI at MO BAR

Riccardo Rossi, Head Bartender and Co-founder of Freni e Frizioni (Rome, Italy) – ranked No.86 on World’s 50 Best Bars 2022 – will be working with some of the most prestigious Italian liqueurs and spirits, including Disaronno, Tia Maria, Amaro Lucano, Campari and Mancino Vermouth, for this guest shift at MO BAR where he’ll showcase his improvisational skills that has propelled his bar into one of Rome’s most popular spots to sip cocktails.

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Guest Shifts & Bar Takeovers

Thursday 12 October 2023

  • [6pm to late] ONE-NINETY BAR, hosting HANKY PANKY [Mexico City, Mexico] and FLORERIA ATLANTICO [Buenos Aires, Argentina]

Friday 13 October 2023

  • [6pm to late] ONE-NINETY BAR, hosting LITTLE RED DOOR [Paris, France]
  • [8pm to 11pm] FIRANGI SUPERSTAR, hosting PCO [New Delhi, India]
  • [6pm to late] ONE-NINETY BAR, hosting LITTLE RED DOOR [Paris, France] and FLORERIA ATLANTICO [Buenos Aires, Argentina]
  • [7pm to late] SMOKE AND MIRRORS, hosting PIER 42 [Oslo, Norway]

Saturday 14 October 2023

  • [6pm to 10pm] ANALOGUE INITIATIVE, hosting LUCY’S FLOWER SHOP [Stockholm, Sweden]
  • [6pm to 11pm] THE FEATHER BLADE, hosting ENIGMA [Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam]
  • [6pm to late] ONE-NINETY BAR, hosting BKK SOCIAL [Bangkok, Thailand] and ARGO [Hong Kong, China]
  • [7pm to 11pm] SAGO HOUSE 2.0, hosting MISTER PARADISE [New York, US]

Bar Soko

  • [7.30pm to 10pm] THE ELEPHANT ROOM, hosting THE BOMBAY CANTEEN and PCO [Mumbai, India]
  • [8pm to 12am] LIVE TWICE, hosting BAR SOKO [Seoul, South Korea]
  • [8pm to 12am] QUAICH BAR WANDERLUST, hosting THE HAFLINGTON [Hanoi, Vietnam]
  • [8pm to 12am] NIGHT HAWK, hosting THE GRESHAM BAR [Brisbane, Australia]
  • [8pm to 12am] SUGARHALL, hosting SPEAK LOW [Shanghai, China]
  • [8pm to 12am] GIBSON, hosting ALLEGORY [Washington DC, US]
  • [8pm onwards] MADAME FAN, hosting BALTRA BAR [Mexico City, Mexico]
  • [9pm to 12am] ANTI:DOTE, hosting VENDER [Taichung, Taiwan]

Summer Chen, co-founder of award-winning cocktail bar Vender and Matusalem Rum brand ambassador, will be at ANTI:DOTE dispensing four low-ABV and low-sugar cocktails for the health-minded cocktail imbibers among us.

Sunday 15 October 2023

  • [4pm to 8pm] POTATO HEAD SINGAPORE, hosting THE PONTIAC [Hong Kong, China], BAR LAB HOSPITALITY [Florida, US], and SALON DE AGAVE [Mexico City, Mexico]
  • [6pm to 9pm] WRITERS BAR, hosting NOMAD [London, UK]

Bartending duo Leo Robitschek and Davide Segat from London’s award-winning NoMad – winner of multiple Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards, and once the Best Bar in North America – mark their Singapore arrival at Writers Bar in Raffles Singapore bringing their spin on classic cocktails.

  • [6pm to late] ONE-NINETY BAR, hosting THE CONNAUGHT BAR [London, UK] and FLORERIA ATLANTICO [Buenos Aires, Argentina]
  • [6pm to late] ORIGIN BAR, hosting PARADISO [Barcelona, Spain]
  • [7pm to 10pm, 10pm to late] JUNGLE BALLROOM, hosting DEAN & NANCY ON 22 [Sydney, Australia] followed by PRIVILEGE BAR [Seoul, South Korea]

Vida Rica Bar - Davide Boncimino

  • [7pm to 11pm] SMOKE & MIRRORS, hosting VIDA RICA BAR [Macau, China]
  • [7pm to 11pm] EMPLOYEES ONLY SINGAPORE, hosting SCHMUCKS [New York, US]
  • [10pm to 1am] THE BACKDROP BAR, hosting VESPER [Bangkok, Thailand]
  • [7pm onwards] SAGO HOUSE, hosting SERVICE BAR [Washington DC, US]

Service Bar, an unpretentious laid-back neighbourhood local in DC’s The District dropped jaws when they ranked No.33 on North America’s 50 Best Bars this year, and they’ll be popping up at Sago House to show you their sublime cocktail chops.

  • [7pm onwards] ASTOR BAR, hosting LICORERIA LIMANTOUR [Mexico City, Mexico]

Astor Bar at The St Regis Singapore plays host to head bartender of Yayo Nava of celebrated Mexico City cocktail institution Licorería Limantour, No.4 on World’s 50 Best Bars 2022, who’ll be churning out some inspired – and some say crazy – tipples.

  • [7pm to late] STUDIO 1939, hosting THIRSTY SHAKER and THE OLD MAN [Hong Kong, China]
  • [8pm to 10pm] MO BAR, hosting BACKDOOR BODEGA [Penang, Malaysia]
  • [8pm to 11pm] WRITERS BAR, hosting NOMAD [London, UK]
  • [8pm to 12am] JIGGER & PONY, hosting BAR BENFIDDICH [Tokyo, Japan]

Jigger & Pony welcomes Hiroyasu Kayama, founder of Tokyo’s iconic Bar Benfiddich – the Best Bar in Japan at No.4 at Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2023 and No.48 at World’s 50 Best Bars 2022 – who will shake up farm-to-bar cocktails with herbs, fruits, and botanicals sourced from his own farm in Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture.

  • [8pm to 12am] ANTI:DOTE, hosting BOOK ING BAR [Taipei, Taiwan] and GALLERY 20.5 [Kaohsiung, Taiwan]

Two Taiwanese speakeasies take centre stage at ANTI:DOTE when the Fairmont Singapore lobby bar hosts Gallery 20.5, a refined cocktail bar hidden behind the facade of a fine art gallery in Kaohsiung, alongside Book Ing Bar, a vintage bar hidden in a Taipei bookstore, to showcase the best of Taiwan’s thriving bar culture.

  • [8pm onwards] FURA, hosting BAR LEONE [Hong Kong, China]

Seasoned bartender Lorenzo Antinori – formerly of Hong Kong’s award-winning Caprice Bar and Argo – recently opened Bar Leone, and he will bring some of his Italian flair to Fura with his take on classic and modern cocktails in this Campari-sponsored guest shift.

  • [8pm to 12am] LIVE TWICE, hosting SCHOFIELD’S BAR [Manchester, UK]

Joe and Daniel Schofield of Manchester’s polished, old-world cocktail venue Schofield’s Bar – No.59 on World’s 50 Best Bars 2022 – will be taking over cosy Ginza-inspired cocktail hideout Live Twice, where they pay tribute to the 1930s with their classy drinks.

  • [8pm to 12am] GIBSON, hosting SATAN’S WHISKERS [London, UK]

Bethnal Green cocktail institution Satan’s Whiskers – ranked No.23 on World’s 50 Best Bars 2022 – may not be bringing its queer taxidermy decorations to Gibson, but owner Kevin Armstrong and bartender Daniel Waddy will still dazzle and stymie us with their tasty tipples.

  • [7.30pm to 10pm, 11.30pm to 1am] THE ELEPHANT ROOM, hosting VER [Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia] followed by REKA:BAR [Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia]
  • [9pm to late] STAY GOLD FLAMINGO, hosting MAYBE SAMMY [Sydney, Australia]

Monday 16 October 2023

Camparino Sbagliato

  • [4pm to 7pm, 10pm to 1am] MANHATTAN, hosting THE CONNAUGHT BAR and BLUE BAR [London, UK]

Manhattan‘s signature Friends of Manhattan guest shift series welcomes London’s The Connaught Bar and Blue Bar, with The Connaught Bar’s Director of Mixology Ago Perrone, Bar Manager Maura Milia and Mixologist Riccardo Lugano hopping behind the bar from 4pm to 7pm to bring a taste of their signature concoctions, followed by The Blue Bar from 10pm to 1am.

  • [5pm to late] STUDIO 1939, hosting INDIAN ACCENT [Delhi, India], EKAA [Mumbai, India], AMERICANO [Mumbai, India], and PCO [Mumbai, India]
  • [6pm onwards] BARBARY COAST BALLROOM, hosting a JAPAN TAKEOVER

Leading industry figures and Japanese bartending legends Shingo Gokan, Satoshi Sagiura and Hidetsugu Oeno drop in an exclusive takeover at Barbary Coast Ballroom sponsored by iichiko Shochu.

  • [6pm to 12am] NO SLEEP CLUB, hosting LIKE MINDED CREATURES
  • [6pm to late] ORIGIN BAR, hosting PARADISO [Barcelona, Spain]
  • [6pm to late] ONE-NINETY BAR, hosting HANKY PANKY [Mexico City, Mexico], LITTLE RED DOOR [Paris, France], BKK SOCIAL [Bangkok, Thailand], THE CONNAUGHT BAR [London, UK], FLORERIA ATLANTICO [Buenos Aires, Argentina] and DOUBLE CHICKEN PLEASE [New York, US]
  • [7pm to 10pm] ANALOGUE INITIATIVE, hosting LINE [Athens, Greece]
  • [7pm to 11pm] GOHO, hosting Bee’s Knees [Kyoto, Japan]
  • [7pm to 11pm] SMOKE & MIRRORS, hosting bar consultant and brand ambassador for Essentiae Lune, Michele Venturini
  • [7pm to 11pm] LAST WORD, hosting BAR CHAM [Seoul, South Korea]
  • [7pm to 11pm] NUTMEG & CLOVE, hosting ZEST [Seoul, South Korea]

  • [7pm to 1am] SAGO HOUSE 2.0, hosting HARRY’S BAR NEW YORK [Paris, France]
  • [7pm onwards] ASTOR BAR, hosting RED FROG [Lisbon, Portugal]

Hop over to Astor Bar at The St Regis Singapore where owners Emanuel Minez and Paulo Gomes of Lisbon speakeasy Red Frog will be holding court with their take on classic cocktails for this guest shift.

  • [7.30pm to 10pm] THE ELEPHANT ROOM, hosting BAR US [Bangkok, Thailand]
  • [8pm to 11pm] WRITERS BAR, hosting DARKSIDE [Hong Kong, China]
  • [8pm to 12am] JIGGER & PONY, hosting HANDSHAKE BAR [Mexico City, Mexico]
  • [8pm onwards] OFFTRACK, hosting CARETAKER’S COTTAGE [Melbourne, Australia]

The crew from Melbourne cocktail pub Caretaker’s Cottage – Rob Libecans, Matthew Stirling and Ryan Noreiks – bring their cocktail pizazz to Offtrack, with emo house tunes provided by DJ Oscar O’Bryan.

  • [8pm to 12am] LIVE TWICE, hosting MARTINY’S [New York, US]
  • [8pm to 12am] GIBSON, hosting THE SAVORY PROJECT [Hong Kong, China]
  • [8pm onwards] MADAME FAN, hosting LOST + FOUND [Nicosia, Cyprus]
  • [8pm to 12am] SUGARHALL, hosting HERO BAR [Nairobi, Kenya], SIN + TAX [Johannesburg, South Africa] and FRONT/BACK [Accra, Ghana]

Rum-focused cocktail pub Sugarhall hosts Africa’s All-Stars as three of Africa’s most lauded cocktail venues descend to offer their Africa-inspired creations with Kelvin Thiya Thairu and Richie Barrow from Nairobi’s Hero Bar, Julian Short of Johannesburg’s Sin + Tax, and Stephen Kojo Aidoo and David Nyamekye from Front/Back in Accra.

World's 50 Best Bars 2023 - 1880 Hong Kong guest shift

  • [8pm to 2am] 1880, hosting ALL-STAR HONG KONG LINEUP

1880 will be presenting four of Hong Kong’s top bars in collaboration with The Foundry Asia; world-renowned bartenders Jay Khan of COA, Antonio Lai of Quinary, Beckaly Franks of Artifact, Call Me Al, PONTY CAFe and The Pontiac, and Gagan Gurung of Tell Camellia and Singular Concepts (#23 Asia’s 50 Best Bar, 2021) will join forces for this exclusive takeover.

  • [9pm to 12am] SAGO HOUSE, hosting MOSTLY HARMLESS [Hong Kong, China]
  • [9pm to 12am] NEON PIGEON, hosting VENDER [Taichung, Taiwan]
  • [9pm to 12am] WHITE SHADES, hosting THE SG CLUB [Tokyo, Japan]
  • [9pm onwards] MO BAR, hosting CAMPARINO IN GALLERIA [Milan, Italy]

Bar Manager and Head of Mixology, Tommaso Cecca from Camparino in Galleria – home of the great Italian aperitif tradition and No.27 on World’s 50 Best Bars 2022 – will helm the stick at MO Bar with his Italian classics such as the Negroni, Sbagliato and Americano.

  • [9pm onwards] NIGHT HAWK, hosting DANICO [Paris, France] and CMYK BAR [Hunan, China]

There’s double trouble at Night Hawk with the East-meets-West contingent from Paris’ Danico and Hunan’s CMYK Bar coming in for concurrent shifts with their own twist on cocktails that mirrors Night Hawk‘s drinks programme.

  • [9pm to late] ATLAS, hosting SIPS [Barcelona, Spain]

Grand lobby bar ATLAS will play host to Simon Caporale of Spain’s cocktail darling Sips – ranked No.3 on World’s 50 Best Bars 2022 – where he’ll be showcasing delights of Boadas Cocktails, Barcelona’s oldest cocktail bar.

  • [10pm to 1am] ANTI:DOTE, hosting ARTESIAN [London, UK]

Head Bartender Giulia Cuccurullo and Bar Manager Lorenza Pezzetta of London’s Artesian — four-time consecutive winners of the #1 spot on World’s 50 Best Bars awards from 2012 to 2015 — will helm the bar at ANTI:DOTE showcasing their recently launched ecology-focused menu, ‘Ingredients of the Future’.

Tuesday 17 October 2023

The Donovan Bar - Cristina Pirinu

  • [12pm to 4pm] NO SLEEP CLUB, hosting BYRDI [Melbourne, Australia]
  • [4pm to 6pm] WRITERS BAR, hosting THE CLUMSIES [Athens, Greece]
  • [4pm to 7pm] REPUBLIC BAR, hosting DONOVAN from Brown’s Hotel [London, UK]

Federico Pavan, Director of Mixology and Bar Manager, Fabio Spinetti and team from Donovan Bar – ranked No. 89 on The World’s 50 Best Bars 2022 – drops into Republic Bar in The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore to present four cocktails from their new Evoke menu, designed to reflect different emotional journeys.

  • [7pm to 1am] SAGO HOUSE 2.0, hosting HARRY’S BAR [New York, US]
  • [9pm to 12am] WHITE SHADES, hosting THE ODD COUPLE [Shanghai, China]
  • [10pm to 1am] WRITERS BAR, hosting CAFE LA TROVA [Florida, US]
  • [11.30pm to 1am] THE ELEPHANT ROOM, hosting QUINARY [Hong Kong, China]

Wednesday 18 October 2023

DUKES Bar - Alessandro Palazzi

  • [5pm to 10pm] MANHATTAN, hosting DUKES BAR [London, UK]

DUKES Bar Manager Alessandro Palazzi will bring some of his legendary bar’s gravitas and signature Martinis to Manhattan for this Friends of Manhattan edition.

  • [5.30pm to 11.30pm] OFFTRACK, hosting STIR [Wisconsin, US], MAHANIYOM [Bangkok, Thailand], and COLEY [Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia]
  • [8pm to 10pm] WHITE SHADES (COCKTAIL), hosting A BAR WITH SHAPES FOR A NAME [London, UK]
  • [10pm to 12pm] WHITE SHADES (COCKTAIL), hosting LE SYNDICAT [Paris, France]
  • [7pm to 10pm] MR STORK, hosting MS JIGGER [Bangkok, Thailand]
  • [7pm to 10pm] JUNIOR THE POCKET BAR hosts APERITIF BAR [Bali, Indonesia]

Panji Wisrawan, the award-winning bartender from Aperitif Bar at Viceroy Bali, will be taking over at Junior with cocktails that celebrate the rich traditions of the 1930s when the world began to learn about the secret island of Bali.

  • [7pm to 11pm] LAST WORD, hosting ARGO [Hong Kong, China]
  • [7pm to 11pm] 67 PALL MALL, hosting EMPLOYEES ONLY [New York, US]
  • [7pm to 11pm] SAGO HOUSE 2.0, hosting CIVIL LIBERTIES [Toronto, Canada]
  • [7pm to 11pm] STAY GOLD FLAMINGO, hosting VENDER [Taichung, Taiwan]
  • [7pm to 11pm] LAS PALMAS, hosting THE BAR AT THE RITZ-CARLTON, TOKYO [Tokyo, Japan]
  • [7pm to late] STUDIO 1939, hosting THE COCKTAIL CLUB [Jakarta, Indonesia]
  • [7pm to late] SMOKE & MIRRORS, hosting MOEBIUS MILAN [Milan, Italy]
  • [7pm to 10pm, 10pm till late] JUNGLE BALLROOM, hosting THE SPIRITS LIBRARY [Manilia, Philippines] followed by THE GLENEAGLES HOTEL [Auchterarder, Scotland]

Cat Bite Club will pander to its tequila bias with an Altos Tequila-sponsored North American guest takeover that will feature Nicolas Torres of San Francisco’s True Laurel, Megs Miller of Salón de Agave in Mexico City), and Christine Wiseman of multi-venue operator Bar Lab Hospitality.

  • [8pm to 11pm] REPUBLIC BAR, hosting L’ANTIQUARIO [Napoli, Italy]

Experience Neapolitan hospitality as Founder and Manager, Alexander Frezza and Bartender, Dario Tortorella of Napoli’s classic speakeasy cocktail bar L’Antiquario – ranked No. 46 on the World’s 50 Best Bars 2022 – shake up some of their signature cocktails at Republic Bar.

  • [8pm to 12am] TESS BAR & KITCHEN, hosting THE OLD MAN and THE GREEN DOOR [Hong Kong, China]
  • [8pm to 12am] ORIGIN BAR, hosting MANHATTA and OVERSTORY [New York, US]
  • [9pm to 12am] THE OTHER ROOM, hosting THE BAR AT THE HOUSE ON SATHORN [Bangkok, Thailand]
  • [9pm to 12am] NATIVE, hosting RAYO COCKTAIL BAR [Mexico City, Mexico]
  • [9pm onwards] NEON PIGEON, hosting DRINK KONG [Rome, Italy], PANDA & SONS [Edinburgh, Scotland] and TROPIC CITY [Bangkok, Thailand]

It will be chaos in the coop when Neon Pigeon plays host to leading bartenders Patrick Pistolesi from Drink Kong, Iain McPherson from Panda & Sons, and Tropic City‘s Sebastian De la Cruz and Arron Grendon for some cocktail madness.

  • [8pm to 12am] GIBSON, hosting ATWATER COCKTAIL CLUB [Montreal, Canada]

Convivial neighbourhood cocktail bar Atwater Cocktail Club‘s Kate Boushel will sail into Gibson and show why the No.32 on the North America’s 50 Best Bars 2023 got its rankings with highlights from their impressive cocktail programme built on on quality ingredients and modern mixology techniques with a sustainability focus.

Thursday 19 October 2023

  • [6pm to 9pm] WRITERS BAR, hosting SIDECAR [Virginia, US]
  • [8pm to 11pm] TIPPLING CLUB, hosting THE HUDSON ROOMS [Hanoi, Vietnam]

Boozy Brunches

Sunday 15 October 2023

  • [11am to 3pm] FLAMINGO COFFEE BAR, hosting SAMMY JUNIOR [Sydney, Australia]

Flamingo Coffee Bar joins forces with Sammy Junior – Sydney’s beloved coffee haunt and bar – for a special edition of their boozy brunch. Feast on brunch staples while washing it all down with classic Campari cocktails such as the Americano, Negroni or Boulevardier.

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  • [12pm to 3pm] W SINGAPORE – SENTOSA COVE hosting Bulgari and Mimi Kakushi [Dubai, UAE]

W Singapore – Sentosa Cove will be hosting The World’s 50 Best Bars Brunch featuring globally renowned Dubai-based mixologists Leonardo Zanini from Bulgari and Manja Stankovic from Mimi Kakushi at The Kitchen Table. From S$128++ per person.

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Other Events

Holly Graham of Tokyo Confidential


Singapore is set to host the inaugural BARSTARS cocktail festival that will showcase over 23 acclaimed bartenders from around Asia in a three-day celebration of cocktail culture, presented by Singapore-based ultra-premium craft spirits brand The Orientalist Spirits with different bartending legends featuring on different days in an event running from 15 to 17 October 2023 at Plume in Pan Pacific Singapore. For example, guests will enjoy creations from Antonio Lai of Quinary [Hong Kong, China], Millie Tang from The Gresham [Brisbane, Australia], and Holly Graham (pictured above) from Japan’s Tokyo Confidential [Tokyo, Japan] on the first day, while Day 2 sees Hideyuki Saito from Gold Bar [Tokyo, Japan], and Terry Kim from The Alice [Seoul, South Korea] shaking up their favourite drinks. The finale of BARSTARS on 17 October will be a World’s 50 Best Bars ceremony viewing party to cheer on the best bartenders in Asia and across the world.

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