Oktoberfest is one of the world's largest beer celebrations. We take a look at the festival's origins, and provide a simple guide to German bier.
For this month's edition of our Drinkspotting column, we cast our eye out for various alcoholic tipples for the season including those for National Day.
Carlsberg has launched a limited edition Carlsberg Liverpool Champions Can to celebrate Liverpool Football Club's Premier League win.
Singapore's leading local beer brand Tiger Beer has released its limited-edition Tiger Orchid Brew in cans to celebrate Singapore's National Day.
Carlsberg jumps on the alcohol-free bandwagon with the launch of the new Carlsberg Alcohol Free beer range - in Singapore.
For the inaugural edition of our monthly Drinkspotting column, we look at various canned and bottled cocktails, as well as a couple of new alcohol delivery services to hit town.
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