Specific Gravity Beverage Co, among the newest in Singapore's craft brewing scene, picks up four awards at Australian International Beer Awards 2021.
The newest Brewerkz outlet, located at One Fullerton, is the pioneering brewery's most family-friendly and gastronomic-focused yet.
Singapore craft brewery Off Day Beer Company releases Wax On and Wax Off, the former of which has been aged in a barrel that once contained Scotch single malt whisky.
Sentosa and Brewerkz team up to create Islander Brew, a set of four carbon-neutral beers inspired by different landmarks in Sentosa.
Guinness Great Grill Out 2020 assembles a platter of virtual and physical events that celebrate plenty of Guinness and grilled goodness.
If you're looking to drinking German beer in copious amounts or indulging in a roasted pork knuckle or two, here are some recommendations on where you can go to celebrate Oktoberfest this year.
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