Behind a heavy curtain at Miss Fitz Kitchen + Bar hides Roxy, a New York-style speakeasy cocktail bar that demands a visit.

Many of Singapore’s best cocktail bars are hidden, some even in plain sight. Over at Miss Fitz Kitchen + Bar at The Sail in Marina Bay, for example, most patrons tucking into modern Mediterranean eats in its main dining room are likely to be blissfully unaware that around a corner behind some heavy drapes is Roxy, a tiny little cocktail bar pushing out what are possibly some of the best cocktails in town.

Part-grungy, part glam-rock 20-seater Roxy is inspired by the back rooms and rock & roll nightclubs of Manhattan’s lower east side in the 70s (as you may have gleaned from its name), and likely takes a leaf too from the iconic but now sadly defunct Chelsea nightclub The Roxy that spawned some of the greatest names in American music history.

If you’re looking for more whimsical tipples at Roxy, well, you’ve found the wrong place. After dinner shots? Yes. Assertive, spirit-driven cocktails? Most definitely.

The Jean Genie at Roxy Bar
The Jean Genie is Roxy’s glamorous version of the classic daiquiri.

You Don’t Have To Put On That Red Light is a great twist on the Negroni, with just an additional touch of coffee liqueur for another layer of complexity. Then there’s Party Penicillin; Roxy’s take on this contemporary New York classic combines Scotch whisky, lemon, honey, and ginger beer, with a float of peated Port Charlotte whisky. Our ultimate favourite cocktail of the lot is The Jean Genie, a glamorous daiquiri spiked with pear brandy that comes complete with icing sugar on the rim.

Then there are shots. To be exact, boilermakers i.e. shots served with beers. There’s Downtown, which is a shot combining bourbon, vermouthg and rhubarb amaro, that you wash down with an IPA, or Midtown, a shot of Scotch, amaro, raspberry liqueur, and chocolate bitters that you chase with a pale ale or Guinness.

Whatever drink you choose at Roxy, chances are you’re going to leave on a high.

In fact we’d recommend you properly line your stomachs outside at Miss Fitz before heading into the perfect cocktail storm that is Miss Fitz. Fortunately for us, Miss Fitz earlier last month unveiled updated its food menu with an eclectic spread of contemporary Mediterranean sharing plates perfect for this purpose.

Fun starters include the Taramasalata, Padron Peppers, Burrata, and Spiced Hummus, all of which are good for picking at while chatting with friends.

For heartier fare, seafood lovers will dig the Charred Octopus, the toothsome yet juicy grilled octopod slathered with a spicy Balinese-style sambal, or the more classic Grilled Garlic Tiger Prawns in a tomato- and white wine-based sauce.

There are a number of vegetarian offerings too, such as the Spiced Cauliflower and Chickpea Salad, or Mushroom Croquettes. But the carnivore in us rejoined over the Lamb Belly, which is somewhat like a healthy elevated ‘halal snack pack’ – flavourful shredded lamb served over mixed grains and a most delectable spicy green yoghurt-based sauce.

Miss Fitz Grilled Lamb Belly with Green Yogurt over Grains and Almonds
Miss Fitz’s Lamb Belly features shredded roast lamb tossed with various mixed grains and nuts and a spicy green yoghurt sauce.

Of course if you need some drinks before visiting Roxy to help wash all these down, Miss Fitz has them too. Start, for example, with the eponymous Miss Fitz, a gin and tonic, or the food-friendly Aperol Spritz. But make sure you try its take on the classic Southside as well.

Miss Fitz, located right smack in Singapore’s Central Business District, is the kind of place where you’d love to go with colleagues for an after hours gathering or meal. But the hidden Roxy is where you’d sneak back with some of your favourite coworkers for a more intimate, cosy drinks soirée.

Miss Fitz Kitchen + Bar

Address 6 Marina Boulevard, #01-17 The Sail at Marina Bay, Singapore 018980 (Google Maps link)
Opening Hours 11am to 10.30pm daily
Facebook missfitzsg
Instagram @missfitzsg



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