Starved of travel? These CIN CIN gin flights carries you and your palate on your gin flights of fancy around the world.

Coming off a recent cocktail menu refresh, gin bar CIN CIN at Oasia Hotel Downtown has launched a range of six new gin flights that promise to take tipplers on a worldwide exploration of that juniper-based spirit. Available from this month, each gin flight features three different gins from a specific country to showcase that country’s provenance and style when it comes to making gins.

For those not too familiar with CIN CIN, it was at one time the cocktail bar with the largest selection of gins in Singapore. CIN CIN head bartender Fadly Sujebto have always been a huge proponent of gin and gin-based cocktails, and he continues that razor-sharp focus in curating these six gin flights together. Gin lovers may love to know that most of the gins featured in these flights are craft gins that can be more difficult to get your hands on.

There’s the England Flight of course, because no self-respecting gin lover like Subjeto will miss out on one of the largest gin producers in the world, not to mention the country that created and popularised the London dry style of gin. There’s the Langley’s No.8 Distilled London Gin, which is about as classic a London Dry as one can get. Then there’s the Half Hitch Distilled Gin, which pays tribute to Camden’s history as the centre of gin production centuries ago. On the other hand, the Mayfield Sussex Hop sees the addition of native Sussex hops, a hat tip to England’s love of ale and its publicans.

Subjeto has also included a flight of gins from India, a country that played a huge role in popularising gin. It’s where tonic water originated from, and where the first gin and tonic was imbibed. The India Flight consists of Jaisalmer Gin from northern India, Hapusa Gin from the Himalayas, as well as award-winning Stranger & Sons Gin from Goa. Each incorporate different indigenous botanicals in their blends; Calcuttan Gondhoraj limes in the case of Strangers & Sons, green mango in the Hapusa, green Darjeeling tea leaves in Jaisalmer, for example.

CIN CIN gin flights - Canada
CIN CIN’s Canada gin flight consists of CIRKA Gin, KM12 Boreal Forest Gin, and St Laurent Gin from Quebec. 

And of course there’s the Singapore Flight to celebrate Singapore’s ascendance as a gin producer (with at least four gin distillers popping up in recent years). This flight features the Brass Lion Singapore Dry Gin, and two from Compendium Spirits – the Compendium Rojak Gin and Compendium Chendol Gin, all of which incorporate indigenous botanicals from our region such as rojak flower (torch ginger flower), pandan leaves, or lemongrass.

Other flights include the France Flight, which includes gins that pay tribute to the Old World wine country’s heritage in winemaking; the Canada Flight with gins that leverages the terroir and provenance of the vast North American country; and the Finland Flight that pays homage to the Scandinavian country’s wide-ranging taigas and Arctic forests.

Each of these CIN CIN gin flights of three 20ml tasting portions is priced between S$38++ to S$42++. Also included in the price is a full 45ml portion of Gin & Tonic once you’ve decided on your preferred gin from the flight. These flights are available on weekdays from Mondays to Fridays and on public holidays (excluding Saturdays and eve of public holidays).


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