Non-alcoholic spirits brand Lyre’s recently launched a range of canned non-alcoholic cocktails. We sample and rate them.

Now we wouldn’t normally give non-alcoholic products a second glance; we are, after all,  Spirited Singapore for a reason. But NOLO (no-alcohol, low-alcohol) has been gaining steady ground in the past couple of years, so it behooves us to understand the trend. That, and the fact that this editor came down with a bout of gout recently and needed to cut his drinking back somewhat drastically, at least for a time.

And so it was that a pack of Lyre’s canned non-alcoholic cocktails that had been left forgotten in a corner of the office suddenly became of interest. This gout-ridden editor pulled them out and gave these canned, ready-to-drink premixes a taste test, rating each in the process.

Aare they worth drinking? Let’s find out.

Lyre's Classico
We’d happily drink Lyre’s Classico, especially if it comes with this view.


What’s a gin and tonic without the taste of alcohol? Not too bad, apparently. The Lyre’s G&T takes the invigorating classic and gives it own unique spin. You’ll still get a hint of juniper, wrapped with juicy citrus and a touch of bitter quinine. It doesn’t have the lingering finish that a good gin provides, though, but it does more than a decent job. Change up the garnish – we tried rosemary and thyme with one, and then a slice of orange in another – for a different flavour experience.

Better than expected, but barely. Would we drink this in place of a bona fide G&T? Maybe. 3/5.


The Lyre’s Classico will change your mind about non-alcoholic cocktails. This teetotaller take on a sparkling wine-based aperitif comes shockingly with all the requisite flavours of a good Prosecco spritzer, complete with a lovely dry, vinous finish. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a regular canned wine cooler in the market as tasty as this non-alcoholic version.

Absolutely category-defying. Would totally buy again. 4.5/5.

Amalfi Spritz

Lyre’s Amalfi Spritz is really a twist on the Aperol Spritz, and comes complete with the citrusy sweet and bitter orange notes you’d associate with that tall aperitivo. The palate lingers long enough that you taste some stone fruit and Mediterranean herbs in the long, dry finish. For some this may taste even better than the original Aperol Spritz.

Crisp and bitter, yet bursting with flavour. Our second most favourite of the lot. 4/5.

American Malt & Cola

There’s good ‘ol whisky coke – Jack Daniel’s and Coca-Cola for most of us – and then there’s Lyre’s American Malt & Cola, one of the latest additions to the Lyre’s canned non-alcoholic cocktails. The hallmark of a good JD and coke is the notes of cereal and charred oak from the Tennessee whiskey balanced by sweetness of cola, but unfortunately the American Malt & Cola delivers none of these. It’s weak and watery. Even the addition of a lemon slice couldn’t coax out any semblance of flavours of the original.

You’re better off drinking Coke Zero instead. 2/5.

Dark ‘N Spicy

Another new addition, the Lyre’s Dark ‘N Spicy is a non-alcoholic twist on the – as you can probably ascertain from its name – the Dark ‘N Stormy. This take on rum and ginger ale is surprisingly delicious, with its spicy ginger notes coming across strongly along with some molasses sweetness. Add a lime wedge and it’ll come close enough to the genuine article.

Sweet, spicy, and refreshing. 3.5/5.

Lyre's canned non-alcoholic cocktails new
The Dark ‘N Spicy and American Malt & Cola are the latest additions to Lyre’s RTD range.

The Lyre’s ready-to-drink cocktails are available by the can (S$6.50) or in a pack of four by flavour (S$25) at selected Cold Storage outlets. They also can be purchased through the Lyre’s Singapore online shop in a mixed carton of 12 with four cans of each flavour (S$78) or in a case of 24 cans by flavour (S$156).

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