Tiger Beer today announced the launch of Tiger Radler, a new variant of its acclaimed light lager that includes the addition of natural lemon juice for a more refreshing flavour. In its first innovation since the launch of Tiger Crystal...
Last week GUINNESS unveiled a new look for its GUINNESS Foreign Extra Stout brand, the new black and metallic gold flourishes adding contemporary flair to a previously staid and more traditional look. First launched in Singapore - bottles in...
If you’re an avid beer fan, a visit to Copenhagen will not be complete without calling in at Visit Carlsberg. Visit Carlsberg is where it all started for the famous Danish - and now international - beer brand. 
Most people are surprised to learn that OWA Beer, with bold Japanese Kanji characters emblazoned across its washi-like bottle labels, is actually Belgian in origin. Brewer and owner of OWA Beer, Leo Imai, originally a Yokohama native, now plies...
One of the main highlights of any visit to the Belgian town of Bruges (Brugge) should definitely be a tour of Brouwerij De Halve Maan, or “The Half Moon” brewery.
No beer aficionado visiting Brussels should ever miss a visit to Brasserie Cantillon Brouwerij, a small traditional Belgian brewery founded in 1900 and today is still run by the family that founded it.
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